Beware of Fraud Services

Common threats faced by Eureka Forbes customers:
  • 1 Fraudulent activities involving carrying and copying of the Eureka Forbes brand name and duplicating several visual features of Eureka Forbes’ products are extremely common. This may have hazardous repercussions on the health of our customers. Please be informed about common frauds, operators and copycats.

  • 2Check Digital ID card if the service engineer – No private operator will have such a card on the mobile app.

  • 3Check the uniform of the service staff – It will have the Eurosmile logo on the shirt pocket.

  • 4Check the history card to authenticate the service history of the unit – This update card will not be available with private operators.

  • 5Check the invoice – Any monetary transaction will involve a proper invoice with the firm’s 3D hologram.

Kolkata Raid 19th April 2021

Posted on June 15, 2021

Kolhapur Raid

Posted on June 15, 2021