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Vacuum Cleaners

The vivid range of Euroclean and Forbes vacuum cleaners with deep cleaning technology add a new look and feel to your living space. The vacuum cleaners clean both wet and dry surfaces of your indoor, outdoor and car and are priced between MRP ₹2499 to MRP ₹23,990

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Wet & DRY X2 Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners for Dry Surfaces - Eureka Forbes

Euroclean WD X2: The Euroclean WD X2 is a combination of Hi-tech aesthetic and state-of-art Swiss design. Its powered by innovative deep cleaning + technology and smart ergonomics that ensures swift and hassle –free usage. Its multipurpose wet & dry function does a great job with wet spills and makes the daily chores an easy task

Eureka Forbes Wet & DRY DX Vacuum Cleaner

Combined Vacuum Cleaners for Wet and Dry Surfaces - Eureka Forbes

The lightweight Forbes Trendy Wet and Dry DX with high performance with powerful suction, is indeed a value package for cleaning your home. It exhibits dual functionalities of cleaning both wet and dry surfaces to create an immaculate surrounding.

1) Automatic power cable winder which can store the cable into the unit with the press of a button.

2) Specially designed 4 swivel wheels for easy mobility and convenient cleaning

3) Convenient 8 m radius cleaning with extended power cord and hose pipes

4) Dual functions to clean and collect both dry dust and wet spills

5) Large capacity plastic containers to accumulate 8 lts of water waste and 10 lts of dust

Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Iclean Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Iclean Vacuum Cleaner

Euroclean Iclean: Powered by cutting edge Triple I technology, Euroclean iCLEAN is part of the next generation vacuum cleaners from Eureka Forbes

1) Triple I technology

2) Dynamic I –Suction

3) Metallic body

4) Auto cord winder

5) Smart LED indications

6) Intelligent Dust Bag Full Indicator

7) Range of accessories

8) Vertical I –Blower

Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner

Forbes Vacuum Cleaners - Eureka Forbes

A perfect blend of aesthetics and efficiency, Forbes Vogue is built with a powerful suction of 2200 mm. It is also enabled with a 5 mt cord to clean hard to reach places like upholstery, shelves, grills, carpets and other dust-collecting spots to make cleaning easy.

1) On-board accessory storage facility for quick access and convenient cleaning

2) High power suction of 1400 W that can clean the toughest dust and dirt

3) Automatic power cable winder which can store the cable into the unit with the press of a button

4) Customized suction power settings with variable power control

5) LED display that indicates when the dust bag is full and needs to be emptied for further use

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Mop n Vac Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Mop n Vac Vacuum Cleaner

The state of the art convenient multi-surface cleaning expert which Sweeps, Swaps and Spray at the same time. It performs suction of dirt from hard surfaces and rugs in one easy step.

Redefine your cleaning experience with Zero Bend Series Mop N vac’s revolutionary Bolt FC Roller brush which tackles the deep embedded dust and dirt and gives you flawless cleaning.

Eureka Forbes Clean Sweep Vacuum Cleaner

Forbes Wet & DRY DX - Eureka Forbes

With Eureka Forbes Clean Sweep Vacuum Cleaner, you can the most effective and comprehensive cleaning, effortlessly. This powerful cleaning tool us 100% eco-friendly and easy on your back. Clean Sweep help you doing mopping and suction both at the same time

1) Easy On Your Back

2) Hygienic Cleaning

3) Steam Mopping

4) 100% Eco-friendly

5) 1600 W Motor

6) Cord Length: 7.5 Metres

7) 2 Years Warranty

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner

Kordfree - Eureka Forbes

A 2 in 1 powerful, lightweight cord free vacuum cleaner with convertible Kordfree mode.Powered with heavy duty DuraMax Battery to give continuous and hassle free cordless cleaning for more than 95 min. Kordfree comes with 2-way folding, Zero Bend technology to reach trickiest places without bending. Designed to tackle dirt and dust in all the nooks and corners with its revolutionary Edge Reach technology , Kordfree is your true cleaning companion.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Health Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners - Eureka Forbes

Euroclean Health Pro UV Bed Sanitizer :

India’s first UV Sanitizer that comes with a 4 stage cleaning process Stab-Suck-Sanitize-Filter which ensures that all traces of dust mites are wiped clean, leaving your home healthy and safe for your loved ones.

1) Power of UV C Germicidal

2) Powerful Suction

3) Attached Hose Pipe

4) Easy Disposal

5) Hand Held & Light in Weight

6) Compact Size

Eureka Forbes Super Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Forbes Vacuum Cleaners - Eureka Forbes

Giving you the dual benefits of high power suction and blower in one package, the Forbes Super Clean is ideal for daily cleaning needs. Thanks to the portable feature, the vacuum cleaner can be carried from one place to another conveniently for cleaning.

1) High power blower and suction function of 800 W that can pull in the most stringent dust and dirt

2) Wide array of accessories that facilitate multipurpose cleaning

3) Compact and light weight, facilitating easy storage and convenient cleaning