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Common Questions

Why do I need a Water Purifier?

Water may contain various impurities which are harmful to the body like dust, mud, rust, pesticide residue, lead, mercury, arsenic, viruses and bacteria, as well as many organic and inorganic particles. Aquaguard water purifiers are designed to remove these impurities from water. Aquaguard water purifiers not only provide pure water, but also healthy water infused with the goodness of essential minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

How does a water purifier purify water?

Aquaguard water purifiers are equipped with Multiple technologies to Purify water
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration
Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers pass water under high pressure through a semipermeable membrane to filter out excess Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water.
These purifiers are designed for high water recovery and retention of natural minerals. They can remove physical impurities, chemicals, pesticides, biological contaminants and heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic) to give pure and Healthy drinking water.
RO purifiers are ideal for treating water with a TDS level of 500 - 2000 mg/l.
Ultra Violet (UV) Purification
UV wáter purifiers use Ultraviolet rays at ~253.7 nm to inactivate virus and bacteria in water. They provide water as safe and pure as water boiled for over 20 minutes.
UV technology is ideal for treating water having TDS between 1-200 mg/l.

Does a water purifier remove minerals?

Aquaguard will not reduce essential minerals from water. It has a specially designed Mineral Guard Technology. It helps retain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally present in water, which ordinary water purifiers deplete during the purification process.

Which type of water purifier is best for home?

Different water conditions require different technologies to purify water. Water with High TDS in addition to Physical, Chemical and Microbiological impurities requires RO purification. UV technology is best suited for purifying water with Low TDS Levels.

Which purifier is good for your health?

Aquaguard with Copper and Zinc Booster. Aquaguard’s patented technologies infuse the goodness of Copper and Zinc in water for a variety of health benefits. It provides healthy drinking water with goodness of Copper and Zinc along with Calcium and Magnesium.

Which water purifier is best for borewell water?

In general, borewell waters have a TDS range of 500 – 2000 ppm. Aquaguard water purifiers equipped with RO+ UV+ MTDS are recommended for Borewell water. These reduce excess TDS in water to give you pure and healthy drinking water.

What is UV water purifier?

UV e-boiling employs ultraviolet rays at 253.7 nm to kill viruses and bacteria in your home's water. This disinfection process is fast and safe. It delivers water that is as safe and pure as water boiled for over 20 minutes. Ideal for treating water with a TDS level of 1 - 200 mg/l. It can also be combined with RO to get RO+UV filtration. UV radiation can be created either using lamps or using LEDs.
Purifies water from:
Municipal water from lakes and rivers

Do you need to boil or filter purified water again?

Of course not! The advanced range of water purifiers that we provide serve as a complete purification system which gives you pure and safe water. Just fill your glass and drink! Also boiling purified water will not only alter the taste of the water but also removes essential minerals and nutrients, which is definitely not recommended.

How can I be sure that the water from my Aquaguard is safe?

We have strict quality norms at our manufacturing facilities, in fact our products are also tested at 135 reputed Indian and International Labs. Further, we offer water testing at our Water Labs (major cities) where we collect your water samples and test it at a very nominal charge.

How long can the Aquaguard purified water be stored?

For hygienic reasons, it is preferable to replace the stored water after two days. It is also advisable to store Aquaguard water in a cool and clean place, preferably in steel or glass containers. Avoid matkas or storage filters as they tend to breed microorganisms.

What is the power consumption of Aquaguard water purifiers?

The consumption of electricity in water purifiers is negligible compared to other electric equipments in your house.
UV water purifiers:
Aquaguard UV has a power consumption of ~25 watts. It consumes 219 unit current in a year in which it can purify 6000 L of drinking water. On an average, we use 15 L of purified water per day in a house. (Power consumption may vary slightly for different models)
RO+UV water purifiers:
Aquaguard RO+UV has a power consumption of ~45 watts. It consumes 395 unit current in a year in which it can purify 6000 L of drinking water. On an average, we use 15 L of purified water per day in a house. (Power consumption may vary slightly for different models)

Do you have any water testing facility of your own to test the water? What is the charge?

Yes, we do have a water testing facility of our own in major cities called Aquachek. We do the complete chemical and bacterial test at a nominal fee.

Is there a service backup available for Aquaguard? Do you have any dedicated service helpline?

With the largest after sales network in India, we have over 1100 service centres in all major cities in India with more than 5000 trained service technicians. We have a dedicated service helpline which is active 24X7. The help line number is 18602661177 / 7039883333

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