Lifetime warranty on Stainless Steel Tank :

Terms & Conditions for Life time Stainless Steel tank warranty:

Usage under recommended input water condition with regular maintenance by EFL authorized Service Centre. This warranty covers Stainless Still Tank only. Lifetime refers to the 'life of the water purifier' (life of the water purifier is 7 years from the date of invoice. Lifetime warranty of Stainless-Steel tank is only applicable if the tank is used as a part of product assembly for storing purified water. In-case of any claims arising out of defects or leakage, the tank will repaired or replaced free of cost as per the company guidelines however service visit charges needs to be paid by customers as per the prevailing rates. The warranty is only valid if the tank is periodically cleaned as per the recommendations in the user manual. The warranty is not applicable in-case the product is used for any non-residential purposes. This warranty t&cs are limited to Stainless Steel Tank and shall not be clubbed with other prevalent warranty t&cs.