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Aquaguard On The Go - Avengers Series Captain America Water Purifier - Eureka Forbes

Aquaguard On The Go - Avengers Series Captain America Water Purifier - Eureka Forbes

Fill in normal water into the lightweight non-toxic purifier and get water that is completely free from impurities, on the go. The compact portable features let you head out for an adventure without worrying about stocking up bottled water packs.
  • Eco-friendly purifier that reduces plastic waste of nearly 500 one-liter bottles
  • Chemical-free cartridge with Natural Shut-off mechanism that purifies upto 600 fills of water
  • Compact device which removes bacteria and viruses with a greater efficiency rate of 99.9%
  • See through water level indicator that allows you to check the level of purified water available fro drinking
    • Cartridge

      The cartridge removes turbidity and other fine suspended particles such as dust, dirt, mud and sand, excess chlorine and the other new age contaminants from the water. Along with this it also ensures your water is free from bad odor, leaving behind nothing but the purest form of drinking water for you.

    • Space Nano Technology

      Bid goodbye to plastic bottles and look up to the benefits of the On The Go range of purifiers. Opting for the handy purifiers will not just promote better health with purified water wherever you are, but will also help you contribute to reduction in plastic waste of nearly 500 one-liter bottles.

    • Soft Bottle with transparency

      The handy bottle is made of soft material and also has a see through water level indicator that shows the level of pure water that is available for drinking

    • Trusted by

      10 million families and owned by 162,000 doctors

    • Service

      Across more than 500 towns

    • Installation

      Free Standard Installation

    • Certified by

      More than 130 national and international leading labs

    • After sales service

      Super Brand, Water Digest Award, Readers Digest trusted brand

    • Endorsed By

      Indian Medical Academy

30 DaysMoney back guarantee
Free StandardInstallation
*Easy EMIOptions
*Servicewithin 24 hours
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