Euroclean Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner

A 2 in 1 powerful, lightweight cord free vacuum cleaner with convertible Kordfree mode. Powered with heavy duty DuraMax Battery to give continuous and hassle free cordless cleaning for more than 95 min. Kordfree comes with 2-way folding, Zero Bend technology to reach trickiest places without bending. Designed to tackle dirt and dust in all the nooks and corners with its revolutionary Edge Reach technology , Kordfree is your true cleaning companion.
Note: Delivery timelines may get impacted owing to the COVID-19 situation.
  • Duramax Battery

    The Euroclean cordless vacuum cleaner powered with Duramax battery has the highest and unmatched run time of 95 minutes, thus making the cleaning experience cord free and hassle free.

  • Kordfree Pod

    The detachable Pod mode converts the upright vac into a hand-held vacuum pod device, giving the user freedom to perform wireless hand-held cleaning. This makes it the perfect solution for car cleaning and daily cleaning activities. Carry the Kordfree Pod anywhere and enjoy the freedom of cordless cleaning.

  • Zero Bend Mode

    The zero bend mode transforms the cleaning experience by reaching underneath furniture and hard to reach areas, without bending, thereby giving the user a comfortable and convenient cleaning experience. The 2-way folding handle makes storage compact and easy.

  • EdgecleanTM

    The Kordfree is one of its kind vacuum cleaner to feature EdgecleanTM technology designed to divert suction to the edge of the vacuum, to clean all the way to the edge of the room, while uniquely shaped bristles sweep dirt out of the corners making the hard to reach cleaning easy and convenient cleaning.

  • DCL - (Day time clean lights)

    The DCL LED light illuminates the surrounding areas and reveal the finest dust hidden in hard to reach areas for a perfect deep clean.

  • Bolt FC Roller Brush

    The patented BOLT FC motorized Dual-Action Brush Roll can be used across marbles, carpets and wooden floor.

  • Swivel Steering

    The 180 Degree swivel makes the Kordfree uasge easy. maneuver your way across the surfaces without stress.

  • Park & Charge

    The Easy storage combined with the battery docking station charges the unit once parked the LED indicators display the battery power. Keeping the KORDFREE always charged for its next use.

  • F2C Cleaning

    The Kordfree comes with range of varied accessories that makes it possible to clean anything and everything across Floors to celling making it the best cord free cleaning experience

  • Soft Touch Handle Grip

    Hit the comfort zone with the soft touch handle grip that makes the entire cleaning process strain free and convenient.

  • Smart Touch Control

    Cleaning was never this convenient the SMART touch control lets the user switch the cleaning modes between hard floors and carpets as per their convenience.

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