What can unfit water purifiers do to you?

What can unfit water purifiers do to you?

Access to safe, healthy and affordable drinking water is a fundamental right for every citizen. But it is quite unfortunate that even today, over two billion individuals across the globe access water from a source that is contaminated with faeces. Faced with such a fact and regular news reports condemning the rise in the number of people afflicted with diseases caused by drinking contaminated water, more and more households and establishments are turning to water filters as an effective solution to get pure and healthy drinking water.

What are the various diseases caused by drinking dirty water?

Here, ‘drinking dirty water’ means contaminated water. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and diarrhoea, among others are common diseases caused by unclean water.

Apart from the diseases caused by drinking contaminated water, other conditions can arise from drinking unclean water; arsenic or lead poisoning can occur from ingesting water polluted with these metals over time.

It is estimated that there are 3.5 million cases of deaths registered through the year that can be attributed to unclean water diseases. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that about 4,85,000 deaths occur every year due to diarrhoea alone.

What are the effects of drinking dirty water?

The effects of unclean water are many. The different diseases caused by contaminated water lead to various symptoms.

Cholera can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting, which in turn leads to dehydration and loss of essential nutrients from the body. Cholera can also cause death.

Typhoid, which affects around 12 million people every year causes nausea, fever, loss of appetite and headaches. Arsenic poisoning can lead to painful skin lesions, and also harm the lungs, kidney and bladder. Arsenic poisoning is also linked to cancer.

Knowing the harm that viruses, bacteria, harmful metals can do to your body when ingested with water, it becomes even more important to invest in a water purifier that effectively removes all these pathogens and contaminants from your drinking water.

However, sometimes we can harm ourselves by not using an inefficient water purifier or by not using them in the way they are supposed to be.

What are the potential side effects of water purifier?

There are no inherent side effects or disadvantages of water purifier. The harm that comes from water purifiers is mainly due to oversights by users.

Some water purifying methods such as activated carbon water purifiers use blocks of carbon to remove contaminants. Similarly, some other water purifiers use filtration methods, which lead to contaminants sticking to or bonding with the water filter. Here, it becomes necessary to change or clean the filters regularly and whenever required to prevent these contaminants such as microorganisms from entering the purified water.

Another common misconception about water purifiers such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers is that it removes essential minerals from the water. However, the fact is that brands such as Eureka Forbes, the pioneers in the water purifier technology have developed top of the line water purifiers with advanced features like the mineral guard technology that help retain the essential minerals in your water.

Consult a Eureka Forbes expert or book a demo to understand, which water purifier will work best for you and to know more about how to care for your water purifiers to prevent ill health!

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