Understanding Revolutionary Water Filtration with 5th Gen UV LED Technology

Understanding Revolutionary Water Filtration with 5th Gen UV LED Technology

Water purifiers have revolutionised the purification process, making it significantly easier than traditional methods. Incidentally, this change has also made it quicker to get safe, pure, and healthy drinking water.

Among the numerous water filtration technologies available, Ultraviolet (UV) filtration has gained popularity for its ability to both purify and disinfect water. Recently, Aquaguard, a pioneer in water purification, launched two new water purifiers with toughened glass exteriors and 5th Gen UV LED technology. Read ahead to know more about Aquaguard’s latest water purifier and its revolutionary water filtration technology.

Introducing Aquaguard Slim Tech with 5th Gen UV LED Technology

The Aquaguard Slimtech water purifiers–Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline Water Purifier and Aquaguard Slimtech Glass UV Storage Water Purifier come with 5th Gen UV LED technology that’s faster, lasts longer, and has less harmful mercury compared to other UV purifiers. While ordinary UV water purifiers take more than 30 seconds to begin purification, water purifiers with 5th Gen UV LED purify water in mere seconds.

Now let us explore the science underlying the 5th Gen UV LED technology:

The core principle of UV LED lies in the ability of UV-C light to penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms and damage their DNA or RNA.1 This interference prevents them from replicating and performing essential cellular processes. This process of boiling avoids the use of additional chemicals, making it a chemical-free water purification method. The term 5th Generation in UV LED Technology signifies advancements and improvements in the efficiency and performance of LED technology. Because of these developments, there is no waiting time while the water is being purified. Moreover, this technology (5th Gen UV LED) lasts for 10 years, which is longer than any other, has zero wait time, as mentioned before, and is safer because it contains no hazardous mercury.

Benefits of 5th Gen UV LED Technology

1. Faster Water Purification

Ordinary UV water purifiers generally take more than 30 seconds to begin purification. Meanwhile, water purifiers with 5th Gen UV LED provide you with safe, healthy, and pure drinking water with zero waiting time.

2. Durable

Unlike other UV water purifiers, 5th Gen UV LED water purifiers have a long life. They can last for about 10 years or more based on usage and require very low maintenance.

3. Preservation of Water Quality

5th Gen UV LED preserves the natural taste and essential minerals in water.2 Additionally, it can kill bacteria and chemicals. This ensures that the purified water not only meets safety standards but also provides a pleasant and wholesome drinking experience.

4. Safe

Ordinary UV water purifiers have dangerous mercury inside. However, the 5th Gen UV LED contains zero harmful mercury, making it one of the safest water purification methods.

What is the Need for Advanced Water Filtration?

There are several factors contributing to this increased demand for water purifiers and advanced filtration with RO+UV. Here we highlight the need for advanced filtrations like RO, UV, and RO+UV.

1. Increasing water pollution

Water sources are contaminated by chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals that pose a serious health risk. To successfully eliminate these contaminants and guarantee the supply of clean water, advanced water filtration is necessary. For instance, UV water purifiers can disinfect water and provide you with water as safe as water boiled for 20+ minutes.

2. Emerging Contaminants

Eliminating new-age contaminants, such as pharmaceutical residues and tiny plastic particles, can be a challenging task in water purification. To stay ahead of the curve and protect water quality, advanced filtration technologies are essential. Traditional methods may need help to handle these new challenges. Whereas, RO+UV water purifiers can remove a host of contaminants. While RO removes high TDS, water hardness, bacterial, and viral contamination, UV disinfects water, delivering water as pure and safe as boiled water.

3. Issues related to health

Waterborne diseases remain a significant global health concern. Pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites can contaminate water sources and cause widespread illness. Modern water filtration, especially concerning UV LED technology, provides a dependable way to get rid of these dangerous bacteria.

4. Consumer Awareness and Demand

Water-related issues are becoming more prevalent, and people are choosing safe, high-quality drinking water by habit. Consumers can feel confident in the purity of the water they drink thanks to advanced water filtration systems that not only surpass regulatory requirements but also surpass their expectations.

Aquaguard Water Purifiers with 5th GEN UV LED

1. Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Storage Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Storage Water Purifier has a sleek and toughened glass exterior, enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen while providing safe and healthy drinking water for you and your family. It uses an innovative 5-stage purification process to effectively remove pollutants, kill bacteria and viruses, and eliminate dangerous substances.

The 5th Gen UV LED is faster, lasts longer than years, and has zero harmful mercury making it safer than all. The storage tank provides a steady supply of filtered water, while the energy-saving mode conserves electricity. Its clever LED indicators keep you updated on the purification process and the health of the purifier.

2. Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Bar Inline Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Bar Inline Water Purifier has a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen space. Equipped with an advanced 5th Gen UV LED purification technology, it ensures the elimination of harmful bacteria and viruses, providing safe and clean drinking water. Its high-quality glass exterior adds an aesthetic appeal while also enhancing durability. This water purifier features an inline design, allowing for easy installation under the sink, and saving valuable countertop space. Additionally, it comes with a convenient LED indicator that alerts users about the purification status, ensuring peace of mind. With its efficient purification process and space-saving design, the Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Bar Inline Water Purifier offers a reliable and stylish solution for ensuring the purity of drinking water in any household.

If you are planning to buy a water purifier with advanced filtration, the 5th Gen UV LED Boiling Technology is a fantastic choice. It's effective, quick, eco-friendly, and versatile, making it stand out for today's water purification needs and ensuring the availability of clean and safe drinking water for generations to come.


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