Benefits of Switching to a Water-Saving RO Purifier

Benefits of Switching to a Water-Saving RO Purifier

It is not surprising that a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier effectively cleans dirty water. However, what many overlook is that to produce one litre of pure water, RO water purifiers need to filter three litres of impure water. For people with limited access to water, it’s not ideal to waste water. This is where water-saving RO water purifiers come in handy. These purifiers allow you to collect the water flushed out of your RO water purifier and repurpose it for several uses, reducing water wastage. Moreover, they guarantee that a larger proportion of input water is transformed into purified water, reducing waste.

In this article, we will list the benefits of switching to a water-saving RO water purifier. But before that, let’s understand what a water-saving RO water purifier is.

What is a Water-Saving RO Purifier?

It is a widely held belief that RO water purifiers lose a significant volume of water during purification. However, a lot of people prefer RO water purifiers as they can remove a host of impurities, such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals like lead and arsenic, chemicals, and pesticides.

A water-saving RO water purifier preserves water by transforming a large proportion of input water into purified water, which reduces water wastage. Moreover, it flushes out the impure water. Although the flushed-out water from the water purifier is not suitable for drinking, you can use the water for gardening or to clean floors.

Benefits of Using water-saving RO Purifiers

1. Decreased Water Wastage

Water-saving RO water purifiers' main aim is to reduce water wastage. Therefore, water wastage during the purifying process is decreased by these RO purifiers thanks to their revolutionary technology that flushes impure water out of the system and transforms a large proportion of input water into purified water. The water flushed out of the water purifier can be collected and used for watering plants or for daily household tasks such as mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, or cleaning kitchen sinks.

2. Optimised Filtration Efficiency

Water-saving RO water purifiers’ top priority is optimising the filtration process's efficiency. Through active reduction of the amount of water wasted, these water purifiers guarantee that a greater percentage of the input water is converted into rendered water. By improving the purifier's overall performance, this improvement offers a more effective and long-lasting water purification solution.

Here’s a table to understand the water savings when Manual Total Dissolved Salts (MTDS) is open. Percentage of water saving at different input pressures when MTDS is fully open and input TDS is <200ppm.

Pressure (kg/cm2) 0.3 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3
%Purified water 72-75% 72-75% 73-76% 73-76% 73-76% 73-77% 73-77%


3. Energy Efficiency

Certain water-saving RO purifiers use less power by integrating energy-efficient technologies.1 By doing this, they not only lessen your carbon impact but also improve the purification process' sustainability.

4. Cost-effective

Water-saving RO purifiers have proven to be economical and ecologically beneficial.1 In addition to the long-term financial gains, lower water costs result from less water waste. Using water-saving RO purifiers is a wise investment in terms of both personal budgets and environmental effects because of this dual benefit.

Four Reasons to Invest in a Water-Saving RO Water Purifier

Choosing a water-saving RO purifier is a deliberate choice to support water conservation initiatives rather than merely updating technology. The following are a few reasons why you should go for water-saving RO water purification:

1. Clean and Secure Drinking Water

Purchasing a water-saving RO water purifier guarantees that impurities such as dissolved salts, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals are eliminated from tap water. This ensures the purest water is produced, lowering your family's chance of contracting illnesses from contaminated water and giving you and your family a safe source of drinking water.

2. Better Odour and Taste

A water-saving RO system efficiently removes contaminants from your drinking water, improving its taste and odour. Through the process of reverse osmosis, chemicals that cause bad tastes or smells are removed, leaving behind pure water that improves the whole drinking experience.

3. Cost-effective

In the long term, choosing a water-saving RO water purifier over other filtration techniques shows it to be more cost-effective. It is a prudent and economical investment because it can result in significant cost savings over time by lowering dependency on traditional methods like boiled water, which take more time and are not efficient at removing all types of impurities.

4. Accessibility and Convenience

By installing a water-saving RO water purifier, you can guarantee that your home always has access to safe and clean drinking water. This removes worries about using up all your bottled water or depending on outside sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is water waste decreased by a water-saving RO purifier?

Modern technology is used by water-saving RO purifiers to maximise the filtration process, guaranteeing that a larger proportion of input water is transformed into purified water and reducing waste.

2. How can I make sure that my everyday water usage habits optimise the water saving advantages of my RO purifier?

Adopt thoughtful water usage behaviours to optimise the benefits of conserving water. Make effective use of the cleaned water, quickly address any leaks, and keep up with the intelligent functions your RO purifier provides to improve water management. More than being careful with your RO Water purifier, make sure you cut down on any problems that lead to water wastage.


By now, you must have understood the benefits of switching to a water-saving RO water purifier. If you are looking for a water-saving RO water purifier, opt for Aquaguard. They offer a wide variety of water-saving RO Purifiers that come with multi-stage purification that treats your water in different ways. These water purifiers are equipped with Aquaguard’s patented Active Copper Technology, which infuses the right amount of copper ions into your water. Additionally, these water purifiers also have cartridges with electronic authentication that alert users when the filter reaches the end of its life. It also alerts users when a fake or counterfeit is installed in the water purifier.


1.(2021). Sustainable implementation of innovative technologies for water purification. Nature Reviews Chemistry, 5(4), 217-218. Accessed on 18/03/2024

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