Hepa filter air purifier

HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Absorber, is a well-known standard for air-purification. Incorporated into Dr. Aeroguard air purifiers, this technology has been adapted by medical facilities as well as automobile and aircraft manufacturers. HEPA filter air purifiers have a far higher accuracy in ridding the air of impurities, as opposed to regular air filters. Air pollution being a serious concern, using a HEPA air purifier is the best way to keep living environment clean and germ-free. Discover the best range of air purifiers equipped with HEPA filter by choosing from the Dr. Aeroguard range.

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  1. Aeroguard Fresh

    Aeroguard Fresh

    MRP ₹4,999.00 Selling Price Special Price ₹2,999.00 incl. of all taxes
  2. Pro Vac IN 100 ATEX

    Pro Vac IN 100 ATEX

  3. Pro Vac IN 75S

    Pro Vac IN 75S

  4. Pro Vac IN 60

    Pro Vac IN 60

  5. Pro Vac IN 100T

    Pro Vac IN 100T

  6. Pro Vac IN 53

    Pro Vac IN 53

6 Item(s)

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