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Rainwater harvesting

This initiative is all about enlightening people on how to harness this precious water source in tandem with local bodies, co-operative societies and governmental institutions. We have been successful in saving over 600 million litres of rainwater till date.

Why rainwater harvesting?

India is blessed with abundant rainfall but often does not have adequate water because rainwater is allowed to flow free with barely 3% being retained. In addition, water is indiscriminatingly drawn by bore wells & tankers, while ingress of seawater in coastal areas contaminates the underground natural 'aquifers'. Hence, it is important to look at rainwater differently.

What exactly is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the direct collection of rainwater to supplement some of our water needs. Rainwater can be:

  • Stored for direct use or to recharge the groundwater levels
  • Channelised through a filter bed into an underground storage tank
  • Used for flushing, washing utensils & clothes and even gardening

What's the cost?

A 20,000 litres tank requires a one-time cost of less than Rs. 2,000 per flat and needs very little maintenance.