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Beware of Unauthorised Online Resellers


At Eureka Forbes, we strive for the best standards of process, quality of products and related services for our customer's satisfaction.

Our products are also sold by various online resellers and ecommerce websites, who may not comply with our set standards. Since we have no arrangement or control over these unauthorised resellers, we cannot vouch for the authenticity or quality of products sold by them – which could have missing parts, or be damaged, refurbished or spurious.

Eureka Forbes would also like to bring to customer’s notice that for products purchased via unauthorised online resellers, warranty coverage and support would be impacted. In the interest of our customers, we have enlisted below our authorised resellers, for Aquaguard range of water purifiers, Aeroguard air purifiers and Forbes vacuum cleaners:

  • Cloudtail India Pvt Ltd
  • Olympia Industries Pvt Ltd
  • WS Retail
  • Omnitech India Pvt Ltd
  • Festival SLP
  • Festival of Lights

Please note that our brands Dr Aquaguard water purifiers, Euroclean vacuum cleaners and Dr Aeroguard air purifiers are sold only by our company employed sales professionals and company authorised employees of select partners.