Aquasure Amrit 1500 litre cartridge

Bring home the new Aquasure Amrit 1500 litre cartridge that fits into Aquasure Amrit and Amrit 10.
  • Ensure that your family gets pure and safe water for upto 4 months, thanks to the thanks to the long-lasting life of the cartridge. The unique Chemical Free Positive Charge Technology removes all kinds of harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbial contamination. Its internal natural shut-off mechanism ensures 'Pure Water or No Water' and stops the flow of water when the cartridge life is over and it needs to be replaced.
  • *This cartridge is compatible with Aquasure Amrit 10 , Aquasure Amrit .
  • 100% Chemical Free - Positive Charge technology

  • Natural Shut-off - Always ensures 'Safe water or No Water' by stopping the flow of water when the cartridge life is over

  • 3 Stages of Purification

  • 1500 litre cartridge life - lasts a family of 4 for upto 4 months

  • No need for boiling, electricity or running water

  • Simple cleaning process - hold under running water

  • The goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 6 months from the date of sale.T&C apply

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