Other benefits & features?

Other benefits
& features?

Your health and
convenience matter

We have listed down some features available in our range of water purifiers.

Mineral Guard Technology

Mineral Guard

This technology retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally present in water, which ordinary water purifiers deplete during the purification process. This is done by creating high-frequency ripples in the water, as it passes through the UV filtration system. These ripples allow the calcium and magnesium in the water to remain dissolved and prevent them from settling inside the filter. Thus, these essential minerals are not wasted and are present inside the water that you drink. This also eliminates the need to artificially add essential calcium and magnesium minerals to your water.

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Advanced Taste Adjuster (MTDS)

Advanced Taste
Adjuster (MTDS)

Enables you to adjust the taste of the water as per the source, thus giving you sweet-tasting water even when the water source changes (municipality/tanker) while maintaining a healthy balance of natural minerals.

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Biotron Technology

Aids in faster absorption of copper, zinc and other minerals in your body, thus giving you healthy water always.

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Energy Saving Mode

Automatically switches off the power supply to the water purifier once the water tank is full to prevent energy wastage. Protects components from overuse and saves on electricity bills.

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Intelligent Purity Sensor (IPS)

Intelligent Purity
Sensor (IPS)

This device continuously scans the water to ensure that the water purifier is dispensing 100% healthy water at all times. If not, the sensor prevents impure water from being dispensed, protecting the household.

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Silver Shield Technology

Silver Shield

Releases silver ions into the water, which are known for their antimicrobial property. This ensures the water is free from possible bacterial and viral contamination post-purification.

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