What is Health Protect

What is Health

Pure water or no water at all

Pure water or no
water at all

This technology electronically authenticates cartridges to ensure our promise of pure and healthy water at all times or no water at all. In the unlikely scenario, where a customer is using a non-genuine purification cartridge that could potentially deliver unsafe water, an indicator light will draw your attention. For your complete protection, this technology shuts down the purification process.

This feature works with the HD filter, Chemi Block, HD RO / RO Membrane (in RO/RO+UV/RO+UV+UF models only), and Active Copper Max Zinc Booster cartridge / Active Copper Zinc Booster cartridge.

Additionally, it also alerts you in advance when any cartridge reaches the end of its usable life (6,000 litres), so that you can contact the authorised Eureka Forbes Service Centre and request a replacement.

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