What is an Alkaline Water
Ionizer? Do I need it?

What is an Alkaline
Water Ionizer?
Do I need it?

Perfect water for every need

Perfect water for
every need

An alkaline water ionizer changes the alkalinity or acidity of water by adjusting the pH value between 3.5 to 11 pH for a variety of health benefits. The Aquaguard Alkaline Water Ionizer features 7 different pH settings, each providing a different benefit for your household needs. This product only adjusts the alkaline properties of water and it must be paired with a water purifier to get pure drinking water.

pH settings of Aquaguard Select
Alkaline Water Ionizer
pH settings of
Aquaguard Select
Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline 1

8.0 - 8.5 pH range

Daily drinking water

Anti-ageing and anti-oxidizing properties. Helps reduce acidity and gastrointestinal disorders.

Alkaline 2

8.5 - 9.5 pH range

Making tea or coffee

Enhances the natural taste and aroma of tea or coffee.

Alkaline 3

9.5 - 10 pH range

Cooking food

Enhances the natural flavours of ingredients, reducing the need for artificial seasoning.

Alkaline 4

10 - 10.5 pH range

Soaking meats

Helps in eliminating chemical impurities from the meat.

Alkaline 5

10.5 - 11 pH range

Washing fruits and vegetables

Helps in removing harmful chemicals and pesticides from the surface of fresh produce.

Purified Water

pH same as input water

Drinking water

Recommended for normal drinking purposes and taking medicines.

Acidic 1

5.5 - 6.5 pH range

Washing and beauty

Ideal for gargling, brushing teeth, baby wash and face wash.

Acidic 2

3.5 - 6 pH range

Cleaning purposes

Cleans countertops, chopping board, dish towels and other kitchenware. Disinfects bathrooms and toilets.

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