A history of
good health

A history of good health

From the launch of Euroclean, a revolutionary home cleaning system back in 1982, followed soon after with the launch of India's first water purifier, Aquaguard in 1984, to the founding of the Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment in 2000, Eureka Forbes has touched countless lives and the journey has only just begun!


India’s most trusted water purifiers, trusted by 1.62 lakh doctors and 1.5 crore Indian mothers, known as ‘Paani ka Doctor’.

Aquaguard is Eureka Forbes’ flagship brand and one of the water purifier brands to invest in research and development on varying water conditions of India and developed 21 water purification technologies to combat 21 different water conditions across the country.

Aquaguard has received more than 130 certifications from leading water laboratories all over the world and has been conferred with numerous Indian and international awards for its superior technology. Aquaguard ensures that its consumers are well-informed about the right technologies and products best suited for their individual needs.

Sure from Aquaguard

Providing safe drinking water to homes across the country with superior products which are a true value for money.

Providing safe drinking water to homes across the country with superior products which are a true value for money. Offering customised products and solutions for various customer segments across the country. The Sure range of water purifiers is equipped with the latest technology and modern look to fit any consumer lifestyle.

Forbes Vacuum Cleaners

Forbes range of vacuum cleaners has catered to over 4.5 million customers across the country for more than 3 decades.

These products are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help the consumer of today with hassle-free cleaning tailored to suit their everyday cleaning needs. The Forbes range is also available on retail shelves and includes commercial and industrial cleaning products.

Forbes Air Purifiers

The Air purifiers under the Forbes range are all ‘Made in India’ to cater to the unique conditions and indoor air pollution prevalent in the country.

Years of research and development for the right technology has culminated in the establishment of this wide range of products that ensure clean, safe air and pollution-free homes.

Sure from Forbes

Sure from Forbes consists of a range of stylish vacuum cleaners. Equipped with the best technology and modern look, these products are a true value for money that cater to the everyday cleaning needs of the consumer.



EuroAble, India’s only call centre for the differently-abled is a state-of-the-art facility manned and operated entirely by people with special needs.

Data-entry processes are carried out by hearing and speech- impaired individuals. It facilitates their integration into the value chain and mainstream of society.

Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment (EFIE)

Founded with the belief that unpolluted water and air are the birthrights of every Indian. It promotes awareness about the conservation and management of natural water and air resources.


We go a long way back

Discover the journey of Eureka Forbes spanning decades.

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