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Security Solutions

Eurovigil offers highly advanced and complete security systems, which include Video Door Phones, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Home Automation Systems, CCTV Surveillance, Access Control Systems and CMS (Central Monitoring Station). All Eurovigil products carry UL, CE, FCC and ROHS certifications.
Today, Eurovigil is trusted by more than 10 million customers in more than 100 cities and 450 smaller towns. These customers enjoy exemplary customer service through 1100 service partners and 5800 trained technicians in key cities. Moreover, it has been awarded the ISO 9000-2008 certification for after sales service. Over the years, Eurovigil has been awarded the Economic Time's prestigious Best Customer Responsive Company Avaya Global Connect.

Access Control

Control unwanted guests, unidentified individuals and unknown elements at home and office by installing premium security systems. Limit the access of people with this smart security system brought to you by Eurovigil. Access Controls are automatic monitoring systems where no visitor goes unnoticed, making safety stringent. Offering these systems with attractive features, Eurovigil has launched the most advanced access control systems in India.

Variations in Access Control Systems


Even as the basic mechanics of access control programmes are the same, the main points of difference are in the way the system is accessed. Connect them to a computer system and they work perfectly.

  • Stand-Alone Locks: All-in-one access control system, especially with doors with single locks. Unlock these with a proximity card, keypad, or both. Easy to install. Suitable for small homes.
  • Proximity Readers: They use photo IDs for additional security and work with sensors from one inch to three feet. They are extremely reliable and are often used as automobile tag in parking facilities.
  • Key Switches: There is electronic auditing in this case if you are connected to a network.
  • Keypads: Use a code to open the lock. These are reliable but do not provide detailed audit trails. Upgrade the security by giving individual codes, if required.
  • Keypads: Use a code to open the lock. These are reliable but do not provide detailed audit trails. Upgrade the security by giving individual codes, if required.
  • Biometric Systems: This system uses fingerprints to identify the visitor. They are considered the most reliable methods of controlling access.


Access Control System - For those who like to Live Smartly

Even as the basic mechanics of access control programmes are the same, the main points of difference are in the way the system is accessed. Connect them to a computer system and they work perfectly.

  • Homes: With this security system, you do not have to attend to the door every time your maid enters or leaves. Neither do you have to worry about anyone else entering without your permission.
  • Offices: From taking time attendance of employees to keeping your office space secure, this Security System is a great tool for remotely managing your office from anywhere in the world.
  • High-Security Zones: Places like bank vaults or labs can be protected with this device by granting access to only a few authorized individuals.

Making Security Better

Eurovigil designs access control systems for organisations and private use. You are provided with a security system that comes integrated with many features. With Anti Pass Back feature, ACS becomes the most competent security system.
Get complete security for your homes, offices and buildings today.

Video Door Phones

How comfortable would life be if there was no need to get up and answer the door? Eurovigil is making lives convenient with its video intercom system for home options. Do not let anyone in without first checking who it is. And, do so from the comforts of the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house.

Specialised Systems for Everyday Use

Some features make an ordinary video door bell stand out from those created by experts. Eurovigil security specialists ensure that intercoms which are being installed are updated and ideally placed. There is no room for mistakes.

Making A Difference

Some technicalities and finishes make each bell stand out from the others. Eurovigil uses the most advanced features across its various models to ensure optimum level of safety and comfort.

  • Some models come equipped with special gold plated contacts which make them more durable
  • There are colour cameras which come with many adjustable features like built-in white lighting and pan system
  • Get the provision to monitor the visitor real time through your door station
  • The models are quite sleek, at the same time rugged and weather resistant

Innovative Surveillance & Monitoring Technology

Be it a video intercom system or video door phone, they bring optimum security to your home, especially if there are kids at home or work from home alone. For instance, the door bell push button comes with a nameplate backlight with SOS indication to make it easy for you to spot.
These systems eliminate the fear of opening the door to a complete stranger. Check whose at the gate before even opening it, with premium cameras with HD displays, two-way communication, and DVR security systems.

Security by Experts at Eurovigil

No need to change weekend plans or worry about the safety of home. Get the Eurovigil state-of-the-art professional-quality HD security system and throw your apprehensions out the window. Home Security made easy. And at affordable prices.


You cannot guard your premises 24/7. This is where security systems come in handy. With technological advancements, newer versions of CCTV cameras are hitting the market each day. Leading the market for home and office surveillance products, Eurovigil offers the most advanced cameras with the latest technology. Whether it's home or business, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems are the surest way to be assured the premises are safe.

Why CCTV Is A Must?

It's not possible to keep an eye on the house or office 24-hours a day and CCTV systems make this possible. No matter where you are, have access to your home and security system without any glitches. These systems are a visible deterrent to intruders. Modern technology has made it possible to access the videos from these CCTV security systems live on phones. Eurovigil helps integrate the home security system with laptops, televisions, smartphone or tablets and PCs.

Choose the Right One

There is a wide range of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems available in India. Eurovigil offers the most cost effective choices. However, it is important to know which one you want. Begin with understanding the expanse of the space where the CCTV system will be installed. What is it you want to monitor? Want high-resolution cameras only? Want to use it at a particular time of the day? These are some simple questions that need to be answered before investing in CCTV cameras.

Complete Surveillance from Everywhere/ Anywhere

The CCTV kits are easy to install and to operate. From Wired CCTV surveillance camera systems to ensuring the best picture quality with zero interference, Eurovigil takes care of every little need. The professionals work with all varieties of CCTV systems and install it with perfection.
The best way to control the surveillance at your place is by installing a high definition camera. Find the best one with advice from the experts at Eurovigil. Wired, wireless or any specific CCTV system you need is now a click away.


Is home security becoming a nightmare? Are thefts in the neighbourhood becoming too common? Protect your homes and offices with security systems by Eurovigil, a brand by Eureka Forbes that has come a long way in giving its customers the most advanced technology in intruder alarms.

What Is An Intruder Alarm?

It's a system that detects any unauthorized entry or motion into the property and sends out an immediate alert to the central monitoring station which further informs the concerned people, local police, hospital and fire station. The control panel installed in the premise also raises a loud alarm to alert the neighbours. The motion or break-in is detected by sensors installed in the premise.

Why Eurovigil?

Eurovigil is the first company in India that provides 24X7 Central Monitoring Station Support to the users. With more than 30 years of experience in providing quality service to over 10 million families, Eureka Forbes has the most adept technology and team to ensure complete safety of your house and office. With three models to choose from; I-Guard 100, I-Guard 200 and I-Guard 300, Eurovigil caters to all the security needs. Components of Eurovigil Intruder Alarms

There are two main elements of this alarm system.

  • Sensors: These are the 'Men at Work' keeping a tight vigilance on your property 24X7. From simple motion sensors to glass break sensors, shock sensors and the regular heat and smoke sensors, the property is safe against any possible damage.
  • Control Panel: This is the brain of this intelligent system. On detecting any intrusion or fire or possible threat to the premise, the control panel sends the signal to the CMS (Central Monitoring Station) and raises a loud alarm through a hooter simultaneously. From wireless to hybrid control panels, there is just the right type of alarm system waiting for you.

Eurovigil Central Monitoring Station The Unsung Heroes

The team working at the CMS are the unsung heroes of this security system. As soon as the station receives a signal, the operators contact the owner and the concerned authorities so that any attempt to break-in can be foiled.
Let no intrusion in any premise go unattended. Eurovigil is a trusted name you can rely on for home and office safety. Don't lose sleep over the fear of burglars in the neighbourhood. Get the best intrusion and burglar alarm at a surprisingly affordable cost.