Community is at the heart of everything Eureka Forbes does.

"Empowering individuals and groups of people by providing the solution and skills they need to affect change in their own communities."

This is what Eureka Forbes believes in. Our community projects are designed to empower each community and involve local people as stakeholders in the project, facilitating a sustainable and scalable community engagement model. Our vision is to work with people, corporates, NGOs, and like-minded partners while building a relationship with every individual to bring about a holistic makeover to the needs of the hour.

The objective is to stimulate political attention, personal commitment to environmental preservation, and public action along with providing potable water to mankind. The relationships that have been forged help Eureka Forbes reach out to people in their homes and transform the way they purify their drinking water and the air that they breathe, clean their homes, and secure their families.

Eureka Forbes has further adopted various practices to ensure that both the urban and the rural Indian communities get access to clean potable water. A fairly recent approach has been a rural channel that strives to bring safe, affordable drinking water to people at the bottom of the pyramid. Our solution-based community water systems generate non-agrarian employment and create rural entrepreneurs.

In a continuous endeavour to create a sustainable environment, Eureka Forbes has also spearheaded diverse fields like the use of solar lanterns, solar-powered community water treatment plants, and solar-powered sewage treatment plants, among others.

Through all of these initiatives, Eureka Forbes is committed to building a happy, healthy, pollution-free world that is built on trust and lasting relationships. The organisation's bonds help it to grow faster and care for many more families, building relationships that l ast a lifetime. Eureka Forbes looks forward to working with like-minded people and organizations.
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Community drinking water solutions installed in urban and rural areas across 22 states.
Million litres of pure and safe drinking water dispensed every day.
Million lives
have been impacted.
Plants operated by women entrepreneurs.

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