Nothing can take away the memory of a shared ice cream with dad. The warmth of a mother's hug. The first uncertain steps of a child. A friend's rippling laughter.

And what is it that makes these moments so special? The magic of relationships.

We should know, we're a Company that has forged lasting relationships with millions of customers across India.

In 1982, the Forbes Group and Electrolux AB of Sweden joined forces to form Eureka Forbes. The promise was clear; to create a Company that wouldn't be about bricks, mortar or sales graphs, but driven by something far more potent. Something that would stand the test of time; relationships.

The first to bring vacuum cleaners, water and air purifiers to India, we were also the first to introduce direct selling by bringing our products right to our customer's doorstep.

Today, we are Asia's largest direct sales organisation. And we bring our customers the very best life has to give; clean air, clean water, clean and secure homes.

But more importantly, we bring the reassurance of a friend. For life.