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There's more than you and me

There's life in the trees that sway. The birds that sing. The waters that flow.

In 1998, we formed the Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment with the mission of preserving this beautiful, fragile world.

One of our biggest hurdles was a nationwide complacency. To battle it head-on, we began to monitor and broadcast pollution levels from labs across the country. Infomercials and programmes on ecological awareness were aired on television across the nation. Training sessions, grants and scholarships in the area of environment research, and forums in colleges were organised to build awareness.

As the crusade gathered momentum, we instituted an award for groundbreaking research in molecular biology for the eradication of water borne diseases. We have also been working with medical organisations, for a more educated approach towards the prevention and cure of respiratory diseases. Today, even UNICEF sources its testing kits from the Institute when it undertakes a study of water pollution levels.

But we've only just started. In the future we plan to set up a network of pollution control and information centres and an online pollution information portal that will be accessible to all. A nationwide pollution level baseline study is also underway.

The focus through all our activities is the same; to bequeath a healthier planet to future generations.lasting relationships with customers.