Aquaguard Pro Universa 80 SC
Commercial Water Purifier

A storage water cooler with inbuilt universal RO and UV technologies, this smart water purifier is especially designed for commercial and industrial use.

Top Features

  • 3 Operating Modes

    Comes with three operating modes, including RO + UV, UV or Auto mode.

  • Advanced Auto Mode

    Automatically switches between RO + UV and just UV based on the TDS of the water output.

  • LCD Screen

    2-inch LCD display screen shows the running mode of the purifier.

  • Advanced 7 Stage Purification

    Ensures every drop of water is pure and safe for consumption.

  • Self Cleaning System

    It automatically flushes the membranes to ensure the water purifier cleans itself every 4 hours

  • End Point Purification

    Ensures last point purification for 100% safe drinking water

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions 640 x 450 x 1350
  • Weight 86 kg
  • Material Outer Body CRCA steel
  • Rated Power 700 W+/- 10%
  • Power Supply (Input Voltage) 24V DC & 48V DC
  • OPERATING VOLTAGE 170 - 260V AC,1ph
  • Storage Capacity 80 litres
  • Thermal Insulation For Storage Tank PUF
  • Input Water Pressure 1 kg / - 2 kg / (max)
  • Permeate Capacity 50 LPH
  • Country of Origin India
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