AG Pure Chill 80 SS RO+UV
Commercial Water Purifier

A large storage capacity ensures cold or ambient water availability at all times. Ideal for commercial and industrial use.

Top Features

  • Advanced 3 Stage Purification

    Comes with three stages of purification, including UV that inactivates all known disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

  • Built-in Safety Feature

    In-built electronic monitoring system that stops the water flow if the purification is inadequate.

  • Large Storage Capacity

    Ensures there is enough supply of water at all times with its 80 litres storage tank.

  • Hygienic and Durable Body

    Features a fully stainless steel body that prevents corrosion and improves product life and hygiene standards.

  • Integrated Purifier and Water Cooler

    Eliminates the need for integration of purifier and cooler separately.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions 640 x 450 x 1350 mm
  • Weight 85 kg
  • Material Outer Body CRCA steel
  • UV Lamp 8 Watts
  • Rated Power 850 +/- 10%
  • Power Supply (Input Voltage) Input 230 V AC and 24 / 48 V DC output
  • Storage Capacity 80 litres
  • Thermal Insulation For Storage Tank PUF
  • No. Of Cold Water Faucets 2
  • No. of Stage Filters 7
  • Input Water Pressure 0.6 kg / - 2 kg / (max)
  • Country of Origin India
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