What to consider when buying a Vacuum Cleaner?

What to consider when buying a Vacuum Cleaner?

Dust, dirt and other undesirable elements always find their way into our lives, no matter how stringent our measures are. A clean indoor environment is indeed utopian. Dust is difficult to get rid of and it has the knack of coming back. Things also get complicated if you have pets in the house. Pet hair is another issue, since it gets everywhere-carpets, clothes, sofa-corners, and other places. A vacuum cleaner, helps keep your home, office or car clean, by getting rid of harmful dust and debris. Buying a vacuum cleaner isn't rocket science, but, a poor decision can cost you dearly. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a vacuum cleaner.

  • Purpose - What are you going to use your appliance for? Cleaning your house, or your car? Or your office-space? Are you going to use your vacuum cleaner indoors or outdoors? Vacuum cleaners are designed according to the uses they serve, and in that regard, they are specific. If you do need to clean your car often, especially if you have children or pets, frequently as passengers, you might need to invest in a separate car vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners for home are designed in a specific way, and so are the other vacuum cleaners meant for other areas.
  • Wet and Dry vacuum - If you have a higher incidence of wet spills, you'll need a wet vacuum cleaner . Wet vacuum cleaners have a waterproof collector can. This enables them to trap water, stopping it from entering the fan and the other electrical parts, thus keeping you safe. When it comes to dry vacuums, they are not meant to be used around liquids.
  • Price - This is an important aspect to consider, before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Do not assume that an expensive vacuum cleaner is better than a lesser priced one. Vacuum cleaners are purpose built. Finding a product at a good price point that gives you the most benefit, in your area of need is paramount. Thankfully, it has become easier to choose, thanks to the variety of vacuum cleaners online. Since this appliance is something that will be part of your home for a long time, it is vital the purchase decision is after much deliberation.
  • Bag or bagless - Bagless vacuums offer an advantage-you don't need to worry about replacing bags. On the flip side, while emptying bagless vacuums, there is a chance you re-disperse some of the dust and allergens. Always remember to empty a bagless vacuum outdoors, to prevent re-contamination.
  • Shape - Is it advisable to buy a stick, canister or an upright vacuum? Upright vacuums are great for places that are mostly carpeted. Canister vacuums are easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and are portable. This decision again, depends on the majority of use the vacuum cleaner is going to be put through.

The above points can make it easier for you to narrow down your options, based on usage amongst other factors. The ideal vacuum cleaner will not only clean effectively but provide many happy years of service, and keep your indoor environment absolutely clean!

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