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A Guide to Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

A Guide to Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

For a homemaker, finding the best vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and provides complete cleaning solution can be challenging. The wide variety of options available in the market further confuses the buyers. Amidst all this confusion, we help you in prioritising and selecting the right vacuum cleaner to suit your needs.

Why Get a Vacuum Cleaner?

We all know how easy it is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from your home. You may consider vacuum cleaners a luxury, but it’s ideal for daily use, and here’s why:

Saves time and effort
Cleaning the house manually can be time-consuming and a daily chore with high dependency in house help. With a vacuum cleaners at home, you can perform your daily cleaning tasks within a few minutes. The best part about using an efficient vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home is that it will leave no dust behind and you can be assured of hygiene. With upright range of vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to bend to reach the corners or empty the dustpans again and again. It even helps to clean the dust that accumulates in the spaces and cracks that are hard to reach.

Many people find vacuum cleaners cumbersome to carry around and use it occasionally and sparingly. Nowadays there are portable vacuum cleaners that you can easily move around without the hassles of wires. Portability feature is especially helpful when you have to clean the corners and gaps between the furniture. Eureka Forbes offers a Kordless vacuum cleaner which also conveniently turns into a handheld device giving you a 95 minutes of runtime.

Filtration of Airborne Particles
The filters in the vacuum are what help it trap most of the dust in your home, keeping the air clean and safe from dust mites. Dust mites are the main cause of several dust allergies. But, if you use a vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA filters, you can eliminate the dust mites from you home.

A HEPA filter or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter traps both large and small sized allergens like dust particles, pet hair, and pollen. Thus, its helps remove 99% of the airborne particles. Ideally, you should check that your vacuum cleaners, as well as your ACs and air purifiers have HEPA filters. This filter is used in scientific laboratories to keep the germs and contaminants away.

Cleans up pet hair
How many times have you struggled to get your dog’s fur off your beautiful carpet or you’re the couch? If you can relate to this, then you need to trust a modern vacuum cleaner with features like brushes and rollers, for deep cleaning. It will collect all the furs and safely keep them intact in the dust collector.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaners for your Home?

Now that you are aware of the benefits and convenience of a vacuum cleaner, here are some of the basic features you must look for while purchasing the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

Heating of Suction Pump
One of the most prominent issues with a vacuum cleaner is that it gets heated up too quickly. But, a good vacuum cleaner have a longer run time without heating. The longer the run time, the more efficient it is to use. The Euroclean Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner from the Zero Bend Series range, for example, has a run time of 95 minutes.

Bagged or bagless
While bagless models are economical and easy to carry, the bagged vacuum cleaners are 10 times energy efficient. With bagged cleaners, as the bag starts filling, the cleaning quality may deteriorate, and you must replace the bag every time it gets full. Yet, this choice differs from person to person based on their needs.

Ease of use
There are many vacuum cleaners available in the market with different designs and functionality such as upright, canister, and stick vacuums. Depending on the layout and arrangement of your house, you can decide, which one will be the easiest to use. Ideally, cordless vacuum cleaners that can be held upright are very easy to manoeuvre, like the Kordfree , which also has a great battery life.

Noise and power consumption
Look out for the noise it creates and check the ratings in terms of power consumption. The higher the power saving rating, the better it is for your electricity bill and the environment.

Add-ons and warranty There will be some additional equipment or accessories you get with the package. Check the duration and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty, after-sales service and other conditions. With our vacuum cleaners, the Annual Maintenance Contract will ensure you get hassle-free service across India.

Our Vacuum Cleaners: What’s Right for Your Home?

Listed below are some of the high-on-performance Euroclean models. Based on your needs, you can choose the right one:

Euroclean Litevac: This is an ideal choice vacuum cleaner for people with back-ache problems as it is light-weight and allows easy disposal of dust without have to bend. It has a strong suction power that traps even the most adamant and big-sized dust and dirt particles. Its compact size also makes it easy to store.

Euroclean Bravo: It is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a larger bagless dust tank, which can be easily cleaned. It is battery operated, with a power capacity of 800 Watt, and a stretchable hose for convenient cleaning.

Euroclean Steem: This one is ideal for both cars and home deep cleaning. It is a wet vacuum cleaner, which also washes the surface with pure, chemical-free steam when needed and has an automatic system that controls the amount of steam released. The device is easy to handle and has a powerful motor to operate at high speed.

Euroclean Wet & Dry: The most efficient feature is its wet and dry cleaning dual functionality. It has a HEPA filter and deep cleaning technology as it can both vacuum dry dirt, as well as mop off the wet dirt from your surfaces. Its accessories can be used for different types of cleaning, and can help clean the super small and narrow spaces around your home. It’s also easy to move around thanks to the wheels.

Euroclean WDX2: Able to clean both wet and dry surfaces, the WDX2 has improved suction and various cleaning modes. The Smart LED display helps you see the cleaning modes, as well as know when the dust bag is almost full.

Euroclean iClean: A smart vacuum with a Triple I Technology, it releases ions into the air to trap minute particles. The iClean delivers maximum suction in an energy efficient manner

So, the vacuum cleaner you pick, should really depend on the type of cleaning you need. Our Euroclean range of vacuum cleaners highly efficient and is also trusted by many in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Let us know which option suits you the best and give us your suggestions too !Shop now or book a home demo today!