Eureka Forbes and its trust with millions of indians

Eureka Forbes and its trust with millions of indians

First, it’s all about building the product. Soon after, the focus shifts on building the brand. And then comes in the really difficult part. Building trust for the products and brand you’ve built. No matter how much you’ve spent on Research & Development or how well your marketing idea is, ultimately, if the consumer doesn't connect with you and trust your offering, you lose.

As a brand offering a plethora of products that enhance your home and health, Eureka Forbes has built the best, ever since its inception, and continues do so. Offering water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and maintaining consistency in its quality and service, year after year, for more than thirty years, Eureka Forbes has built trust as well.

Proof of which lies in our 20 million delighted customers who have purchased our products and vouch for us. Proof of which lies in the 1,500 cities we’ve branched out to, where costumers have welcomed us with open arms and wide smiles.

Today, if a mother is pouring a glass of water and allowing her child to gulp the water down without a worry, it's because there’s a trusted water purifier behind it. Today, if a family is breathing fresh air even when the world outside is witnessing a rise in pollution levels, it’s because there’s a trusted air purifier behind it. Today, if a toddler is making the floor his playground while taking baby steps and the mother isn't worried, it’s because there’s a trusted vacuum cleaner behind it.

Today, if many people in the country have a broad smile on their face, despite using a water purifier, air purifier or vacuum cleaner for years together, it’s because there’s a dedicated team that takes care of the after-sales service like thorough professionals do.

Truth be told, we’re glad to have built products, a brand and trust across the country and among families. While this is certainly motivating and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the years, we look forward to many more decades of inventing products, enhancing lives and building trust.

Well, today if there’s trust, purity and health in millions of homes across India, it’s because there’s a Eureka Forbes behind it.

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