Terms & Condition

    1. Under this contract, Eureka Forbes Limited (Formerly Forbes Enviro Solutions Ltd.) undertakes to maintain your product used at the registered address.
    2. 1. This contract provides for free replacement of consumables applicable and periodical service to the product as per year.
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        AMC Products Base Silver Gold Platinum
        Break down Free Break down visits Free Break down visit Free Break down visits Free Break down visits
        Mandatory service 1 Free Mandatory service per year 1 Free Mandatory service per year 2 Free Mandatory services per year 3 Free Mandatory services per year
        Consumable 25% Discount on Consumables(Once during the AMC period) One Set Free Consumable kit per year* excluding membrane, membrane to be charged at 50% discount One free Consumable Kit every year One free Consumable kit  every year
        Spares Chargeable @ MRP 10% Discount on Spare Free Break down spares Free Break down spares
    3. 2. For two year AMC same benefits will be applicable for the second year.
    4. 3. For three year AMC same benefits will be applicable for the second year and third year. Pre filter replacement is not covered for product which was purchased from Eureka Forbes Ltd. without pre filter. However, if Pre filter has been purchased subsequently, additional AMC to be taken for pre filter apart from the water purifier AMC.
    5. 4. The Contract covers replacement of worn-out / exhausted spare parts, including Ultra Violet Lamp with new / rectified spares for all products / attachments.
    6. 5.Any additional visits during the contract period as and when required, in the event of any break down / malfunctioning of the equipment on intimation in this regard by the customer.
    7. 6. The Contract shall not cover visits/replacement of parts under the following circumstances.
      1. a. Damage caused to the equipment due to floods, fire, accident, riot, breakage, pest, misuse, improper or negligent use, tampering, and leakage from pipes etc.
      2. b. Damage caused to the equipment due to failure to observe the operating instructions and precautions as mentioned in User's Manual
      3. c. Defects due to usage of non-recommended spares.
      4. d. Visits for customers re-training, for dismantling or for re-installation.
      5. e. Defects / Failures resulting from servicing / repairs done by a person other than the authorised representative of Eureka Forbes Limited.
      6. f. Where this equipment is under use for more than 8 hours a day continuously, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Eureka Forbes Ltd.
      7. g. Replacement of EVA Tube & PL tube, body parts and divertor valve.
      8. h. With regard to repairing the existing worn-out / defective part(s) or replacing the same and ascertaining the presence of above circumstances, the decision of Eureka Forbes Limited shall be final. In any such event, Eureka Forbes Limited will submit a prior estimate for approval or bill for the work carried out at the prevailing rates.
    8. 7. This service is not applicable where the domestic water purifier is used for commercial purpose.
    9. 8. The company or its authorized agents will be entitled to retain any defective parts replaced during this contract.
    10. 9. . Since under the terms of this contract, the company is liable to supply you free replacement of spare parts in certain circumstances, GST wherever liable will be borne by Eureka Forbes Limited.
    11. 10. Services under this contract exclude the following:
      1. a. Painting of the body, top and bottom panels, and anodising the treatment chambers and electronic housing.
      2. b. Chrome plating of the nuts and other styling decorative materials
      3. c. Body parts & compressor, Cold tank, Gas Charging & Hot tank for applicable models are not covered on domestic & institutional AMC’s (If required, the same will be replaced on a chargeable basis).
    12. 11. For repairs necessitating the removal of the product or any parts thereof, to Eureka Forbes Limited Service Centre or Factory, there shall be no additional charge for the labour. However, in such cases incidental expenses incurred like freight, packing, insurance, octroi, etc., will have to be borne by the customer.
    13. 12. The equipment must be in good working condition and the same to be certified by the authorised representative of Eureka Forbes Limited, before this contract becomes effective. The customer shall pay the necessary charges in the first instance for rendering the equipment so workable, for which Eureka Forbes Limited will submit an estimate for approval. This clause does not apply if a contract is renewed from the next day of date of termination of the warranty period or previous contract period
    14. 13. The equipment, Electricity & Water should be made available for servicing as and when our Authorized Service Technician calls on his periodical servicing visit. Failure to do so will be treated as a service rendered and no refund shall accrue on this account.
    15. 14. Every visit by our Authorized Service Technician will be made within reasonable time from receipt of a complaint for breakdown of the equipment and will be made only during working hours of our Service Department and no visits will be made on Sundays / public Holidays.
    16. 15. The liability of Eureka Forbes Limited shall be limited to providing service and replacing spares as covered by this contract. Eureka Forbes Limited shall not be liable for damages, death, injuries or any consequential damages of what so ever nature to any person or property, by use or operation of the product
    17. 16. In order to enable Eureka Forbes Limited to discharge its obligation under this contract, the customer shall notify in writing or update the address digitally through eurekaforbes website or app any change in his address within 10 days of such change. In default whereof, Eureka Forbes Limited shall not be obliged to perform its obligations under this contract till it receives such an intimation from the customer. In such an event the removal and re-installation of the Product / Attachment will be done at an additional cost as per the rates prevailing on that date.
    18. 17. This contract is neither terminable before the expiry period nor transferable in the event of resale / gift to any other person.
    19. 18. Contract charges are payable by Online Payment via Net Banking/Credit or Debit Card/UPI/ Cash or Cheque / DD/ favouring Eureka Forbes Limited and such payment shall be realised before the commencement of the contract period.
    20. 19. Renewal of the Service Contract after its expiry will be at the sole discretion of Eureka Forbes Limited and depending upon the model / age of the product and usage period
    21. 20. It shall not be the responsibility of Eureka Forbes Limited to send any reminder or any such communication to intimate the expiry or renewal of the contract. The onus of renewing the contract rests with the owner.
    22. 21. In the event of any complaint, please visit www.eurekaforbes.com or download Eureka Forbes APP from Google Play Store or Apple Store for necessary after sale support.
    23. 22. This contract sets out all the terms and conditions of which Eureka Forbes Limited agrees to service the equipment and cancels and supersedes all prior agreements, undertakings or arrangements, oral or written between the parties on the subject matter.
    24. 23. Modification and Variation : No-modification or variation of this Contract shall be binding unless it is made in writing and signed by the Contracting Parties.
    25. 24. Force Majeure : Neither party shall be liable for the non-performance of its obligations under this agreement where such failure is due to force majeure i.e. due or attributable to any act of God, orders, restrictions or regulation of Government, Central or State, war working conditions, hostilities, riots, civil commotion, strike, lock out, labour trouble, explosion, or any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond control.
    26. 25.Upgradation : In case product needs upgradation due to reason not under control of Eureka Forbes Limited, customer has to accept upgradation at prevailing rate. In case of downgrading or upgrading AMC plan the adjusted value for the non-used AMC period will be discounted/refunded as per the new AMC plan If there is a request for refund within 30 days of AMC purchase, the refund shall be initiated based on prorata value and the refund will be credited back to the customer account.
    27. 26. Any date or period of time mentioned in this Contract should unless contended of mutual written be of the essence.
    28. 27. Any disputes arising out of the terms of the contract shall be subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
    29. 28. GST Terms:
      1. a. In case the customer is eligible for any exemption or lower rate of tax. the customer is responsible to provide the requisite details, documents, declarations or undertake any prescribed compliances for the purpose of tax exemptions / lower tax rates while entering into contractual agreement or before supply is made (whichever is earlier). In absence of the same, no tax exemption/ lower rates would be extended. Further, in case of any incorrect / incomplete / non-compliance on behalf of the customer and because of which a demand is made on Eureka Forbes Ltd.(Formerly Forbes Enviro Solutions Ltd.) by the tax authorities, the customer shall be immediately liable to pay the applicable taxes / amounts on such goods (including interest, penalty and associated litigation cost) if any upon notification by Eureka Forbes Ltd.
      2. b. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide Eureka Forbes Limited with appropriate records/ communication address to determine the relevant location of the recipient of service. In case of any tax or related demand due to failure of the customer to provide the correct address, the same will be borne by the customer. The determination of the location of supplier of service shall be the sole responsibility of Eureka Forbes Limited and would be determined based on applicable GST provisions.
      3. c. HSN of goods/ SAC of services would be prescribed by Eureka Forbes Limited and same would be used by the customer. In case of any disagreement over classification between Eureka Forbes Limited and customer, the classification of Eureka Forbes Ltd. would prevail. The customer may use the HSN/ SAC provided by Eureka Forbes Limited or adopt a different HSN/ SAC as per their interpretation. In either case, Eureka Forbes Ltd. should not be held responsible to indemnify any liability that arises on account of disputed related to HSN/ SAC classification.
      4. d. It is the responsibility of the customer to communicate the GSTN registration numbers of various states for the purpose of billing. In case no separate GSTN registration number is provided, then the GSTN registration number pertaining to the contractual address will be considered for the GST related compliances and taxability.
      5. e. Each goods/ service is being supplied separately and not complete single supply.
      6. f. Any other post supply discount that may be given to the customer would be communicated vide a 'Separate Document' before or at the time of supply providing the terms and conditions governing such discounts. It is the responsibility of customer for confirming reversal of input tax credit attributable to such discount.
      7. g. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they undertake appropriate compliances under GST (ie filing of returns, claiming appropriate tax credits, etc) to ensure that there is no creditable tax cost included in the selling price to the final customer (ie the final customer gets the product without any creditable tax cost embedded in his purchase price).
      8. h. No changes to invoice would be requested by Customer once the details of the same are uploaded by Eureka Forbes Ltd.(Formerly Forbes Enviro Solutions Ltd.) in their GST return. Invoice, Debit notes or credit notes or supplementary invoices would be issued in permissible scenarios and timelines as prescribed in compliance with the GST Act and rules.
    30. 29. The Company reserves right to collect additional amount to recover the cost that the Company may incur to comply with the laws/government guidelines due to Force Majeure Event and towards safety of customers and service personnel attending the service request subject to following :
      1. a. Such costs shall be temporary in nature and shall be collected against issuance of receipt.
      2. b. The additional amount will be charged to every customer whether the product is in warranty or out of warranty or under AMC;
      3. c. The additional amount is not included in any other maintenance contract of any nature whatsoever;
      4. d.The additional amount shall be payable for every service call. No additional cost will be collected for subsequent visit by technicians within 30 days of attending service call;
      5. e. The additional cost shall not be collected from customers who shall carry the product to the authorized service center of the Company for service or repairs. However, the cost of consumables and spare parts shall be levied as per the terms and conditions of AMC/warranty of the products.

Customer Care Support.

  1. For any complaints/support please visit www.eurekaforbes.com or download Eureka Forbes APP from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
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