Tips to get rid of Dust Mites

Tips to get rid of Dust Mites

Its almost impossible to eliminate dust mites using conventional cleaning techniques like dusting, sweeping and swabbing. These insects survive by feeding on sloughed-off human and animal skin. The little insects are hardy and can survive in almost all climates, but thrive in humid and warm climates.

Dust mites can aggravate allergies causing coughing, itching, watery eyes, rashes etc. It is estimated that a single dust mite can produce up to 200 times its own body weight of waste. Breathing in this waste produce causes the body’s immune system to act by producing antibodies against these substances. Long-term exposure to this can result in asthma and sinus problems as well.

Many people remain unaware of the health problems dust mites cause. Here are a few tips to help prevent their infestation in your home.

Allergen-proof fabrics: Beds, curtains and other pieces of fabric that are not changed too often tend to be the preferred breeding place for dust mites. By buying allergen-proof materials that prevent dust mites from getting in is an ideal choice. Fabrics that are tightly woven and have smaller pores are the best kind for reducing dust mite populations at home.

Changing covers regularly: Make sure you change your pillow covers, bed covers and curtains regularly and wash them in hot water at least once a week. Using a hot dryer also helps to get rid of dust mites.

Sunlight: Make sure every room in your home is exposed to sunlight at least once during the day. Sunlight helps prevent the growth of bacteria, virus and dust mites as well. Keep the windows open in the mornings to allow ventilation which helps in reducing any dampness from remaining on bed linen.

Vacuum cleaning: The deep-cleaning technology with strong suction ensures that there is no dust and dead cell debris left on the fabric, curtains, etc. which makes these surfaces a breeding ground for dust mites. Choose from the best vacuum cleaners in India such as the Euroclean vacuum cleaners range from Eureka Forbes. These vacuum cleaners come with strong suction and other accessories that make cleaning easy.

With these steps, prevent allergies caused by dust mites and keep your house clean and your family, healthy. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with the latest technologies like Deep-Cleaning filters, and help in making your indoor environment clean, and pure. Check Euroclean, and choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners.