When setting up a new home, which appliances should be upgraded first?

When setting up a new home, which appliances should be upgraded first?

Moving into a new house can be a truly exhausting task. But the bright side of it is that you’re finally making the move after long days, months, and even years of wait. This time is undoubtedly exciting and deeply satisfying. Most of us are already planning to host a great housewarming party and decorating the space to make it our own. It is a long process, and some of us even go to great lengths to replace our existing appliances with new ones. While it may seem like a costly affair, given the fact that you’ve just invested in a new house, it actually makes sense to replace your old appliances and get new ones. Because once you procrastinate upgrading, after a while, the new house starts feeling a lot like the old one, and the good feeling of moving into a new house is short-lived.

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your appliances, the key is to choose which appliances to upgrade first. Nowadays, the number of major appliances present in an average household range anywhere between 7-10. And to upgrade all of them at one go would seem extravagant. It’s recommended to upgrade appliances that directly contribute to the betterment of your health and well-being first. Examples of such appliances are water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers

The best brand to opt for while searching for better options of these appliances is Eureka Forbes. Eureka Forbes’ Universal, RO water purifiers for home are some of the most technologically advanced in the country. With features like universal water purification, intelligent sensors that notify you when the membrane needs to be replaced, e-boiling, intelligent purity sensor, and auto shut-off sensors; your old water filter is sure to see a huge change in terms of advancement. 

Next in line should be the agent of cleanliness in the modern household—the vacuum cleaner. Your old bulky vacuum cleaner has definitely seen better days, and is now due for replacement. The new range of vacuum cleaners from Eureka Forbes is designed keeping in mind the needs of the time. They are ultra-portable, and come with advanced features like the ability to clean wet and dry surfaces, powerful suction, and a blower to displace dust off before it is suctioned. These new vacuum cleaners are simple to use, and come in variants like outdoor vacuum cleaners and car vacuum cleaners

And now, the last one in line but definitely not the least in terms of priority—the air purifier. Most Indian homes still haven’t started accommodating the air purifier. While the idea may seem discardable, it is the need of the hour considering the polluted state of the environment in cities. Eureka Forbes air purifiers are built with advanced technologies like the HEPA filter that is the worldwide gold standard in air purification, deodorisation filter, therapeutic filter, etc. These air purifiers greatly improve the quality of air you breathe indoors, and in-turn improve the health and well-being of your family.

Once you’ve upgraded these appliances, your home should feel like a sanctuary of wellness and cleanliness. Choose from the very best and make your home a haven of peace and happiness.

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