Service – why is it important to get your water purifier serviced regularly?

Service – why is it important to get your water purifier serviced regularly?

Water Quality: What Contaminants Are Present in Your Drinking Water?

The supply of adequate safe drinking water is one of the primary prerequisites for a healthy life, but drinking water can be contaminated in several ways. The quality of drinking water should be at par with the WHO Guidelines. (1) Boiling water can kill germs but may not work on dissolved chemical impurities like metals, pesticides, etc.

Water can be contaminated by: (1)

Chemicals that are let out from spraying crops and industrial waste.

Microorganisms like parasites and bacteria that enter the water from human/animal waste matter.

Harmful contaminants like lead or mercury can enter the water supply through old lead pipes, sometimes from natural deposits underground, or more often from improper disposal of pollutants. Even 'lead-free' pipes can contain as much as 8% lead.

What Are the Technologies Behind Water Purifiers?

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO Water Purifiers)/ Green RO 

    The technique that RO Water Purifiers use is membrane technology, and it is the most widely used method to purify water. (), () This technology helps separate the dissolved salts from contaminated water to give pure and clean water.

    a. UF Purification

    Ultrafiltration is used for the separation of suspended solids, colloids, and bacteria. Capillary tube type membrane-based technology imparts crystal clear clarity to drinking water in addition to making the water safe from bacteriological contamination.

    b. UV Water Purification

    The process used in UV water purification is also called UV e-Boiling and can kill waterborne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa, thereby making it safe to drink (), (). When this process is clubbed with Reverse Osmosis, the purification process gets even better with unique e-boiling + technology to ensure that every drop of water is as pure and safe as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes.

  • On-The-Go Purification

    This procedure saves money and the hassle of buying plastic water bottles while on the go, thus reducing plastic waste. It is a portable water purifier that has chemical-free and unique cutting-edge technology. It can reduce chlorine, remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and eliminate impurities.

  • Non-Electric Water Purifiers

    Pure and Safe drinking water can be accessible using 100% chemical-free technology. The intricate mesh of positively charged nanofibers can remove all kinds of viruses, bacteria, cysts, and other microbial contaminants, just like the Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier. (6)

  • Multi-Stage Purifiers 

    These are also known as Universal Water purifiers and can use combinations of RO+UV filters or RO+UV+UF filters, providing clean and germ-free water. The combinations help to eliminate germs, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants. 

Why Is Servicing a Water Purifier Important?

  • Protection Against Waterborne Diseases

    In addition to harmful microbes, water can dissolve almost everything to grasp contaminants, pollutants, and harmful toxins that lead to waterborne diseases. A RO water purifier can efficiently discard all contaminants. (7)

  • Helps in Healthy Lifestyle

    Purified water is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. Impure water containing microbiological contaminants like viruses, fungus, bacteria, and parasites can lead to various health problems like digestive issues, cholera, typhoid, headache, etc. (7)

  • Boosts Immune System

    Pure drinking water is safe for human consumption and can make our immune cells robust. It can save you from health problems and can keep you healthy and protected.

  • Sweetens the Taste of Water

    The contaminants in the water can modify the flavor and taste of water and the food you cook in it. This happens due to the higher concentration of TDS - Total Dissolved Solids like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. An effective water purifier helps deliver safe drinking water when the TDS level exceeds 200 ppm by reducing the excess, which softens and sweetens the taste of the water.

  • Removes Heavy Metals

    Water purified can reduce the level of contaminants like Nitrates, pesticides, and toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, iron, chlorine, arsenic, and fluoride, etc., that can have long-term hazardous health impacts. 

  • Offers Various Health Benefits

    Pure RO water can hydrate and energize the body and have several other benefits. (7)

The Relevance and Contribution of Eureka Forbes in Water Purification - How to Maintain A Water Purifier Efficiently?

  • Change the Water Filter 

    A professional technician should check the input water quality and depending on the type of water supplied to your house, the water filter should be changed when the need arises. The accumulated contaminants in the filters can diminish the efficiency of your water purifier, which can result in bad odor and a reduced flow rate.

  • Regular Aquaguard Service

    It is imperative to get regular servicing of your water purifiers, giving you the required peace of mind. You can get an Annual Maintenance contract from Eureka Forbes that can be purchased online. It will become easier for you to maintain your water purifier without any lengthy procedures or hassles.

  • Drips and leakages 

    You should not ignore any drips and leakages and immediately contact your technician if you are experiencing a leak/drip with your water purifier.

  • Replacing the RO Membrane  

    RO technology is widely used to purify water that has high TDS content. The life of the RO membrane in the process gets affected due to the constant absorption of several dissolved ions and impurities, resulting in foul-tasting water. This should be immediately replaced. You can contact the aquaguard service center online or through a phone call.

  • Cleaning and Sanitization

    It is important to maintain the cleaning and sanitization of all internal pipes of the RO system to enable water movement from one purification stage to the other. Ideally, it should be done when the filters are being replaced. The storage tank of the purifier must be periodically (at least once every 30 days) cleaned.

  • Keep the Exteriors of the RO System Clean

    Apart from interior cleaning and sanitizing, you must make an effort to keep the look and exterior of your water purifier clean and attractive. 

How Often Should You Get Your RO Serviced?

If you use an RO water purifier, you must change the RO Membrane and Filters on time to ensure 100% pure and safe drinking water. You can search for 'RO service near me' and get the best support by booking an appointment online. The following factors should be considered before changing the RO membrane or filters.

1. High levels of impurities in the input water.

2. Any leakages.

3. Change in color, smell, or taste of water.

4. High TDS Level or hardness of the input water

Tips to Service Different Water Purifiers

Here are some RO Water Purifier Maintenance Tips that you can follow to get access to clean drinking water:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system

    This system uses a multi-stage filtration process to discard different types of contaminants from water. It uses a thin membrane with very small-sized pores to remove the impurities from water to make it safe for consumption. An outlet pipe is attached to flush out the impurities. 

    The filtration process involves three steps - pre-filters, reverse osmosis, and post-filtration. 

  • Pre-Filtration

    The pre-filtration stage is critical to keep the RO membrane safe from destruction, and in this stage, the suspended particles are separated from the water. If the pre-filters are not changed regularly, they can damage the RO membrane.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    In the reverse osmosis stage, the thin RO membrane allows the pure water to pass through and removes the dissolved salts under pressurized conditions. It is vital to maintain and clean this RO membrane regularly to get clean and safe water.

The suggested time for change is once every 12 months to prevent clogging of membranes.

Post-Filtration - Different Kinds of Filters That Should Be Maintained 

  • Sediment Filter

    It should be changed periodically to strain out dirt, sediment, and slit. It is recommended to change this cartridge once every 6-8 months depending on the water quality.

  • Carbon Filter

    It should be changed periodically to remove chlorine and other hazardous contaminants. Not changing this filter can influence the taste, color, and smell of your drinking water. It is recommended to change this cartridge once every 6-8 months, depending on the water quality.

Ultraviolet Water Purifier

UV purification kills microorganisms and pathogens from water by passing them through a UV lamp tube. Germs are killed when it is exposed to UV light. Generally, UV lamps have a life of 8000 hours.

Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

A hollow fiber of a membrane demarcates water and contaminants. After the water passes through the UF membrane, it removes bacteria, germs, and suspended solids. The UF membrane should be changed every 12 months.

What if You Do Not Change Your Water Filters?

The consequences of infiltration of water results in ():

  • Your drinking water will not be safe anymore as it will be exposed to chlorine, sediments and impurities.

  • There will be harsh contaminant build-up past recommended levels, which can lead to a rotten filter and can even leak into your supply of drinking water. 

  • Water Pressure gets affected as it becomes harder for water to pass through the system.

  • Taste and quality of water will be compromised.


Eureka Forbes is renowned in providing Universal Water Purifiers (RO+UV/RO+UV+UF) to offer you customized water solutions. These water purifiers can purify water to an optimum level after sensing the water source.  

Eureka Forbes offers a subscription to its AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), wherein professional service engineers and experts are sent to your homes periodically without a need for you to contact them (10). You need to look for a "water purifier service near me," and you will be directed to the most efficient AMC provided by Eureka Forbes. Here is why you should start the AMC subscription:

  • AMC plan for RO+UV and UV water purifiers includes annual replacement of filters and membrane, two scheduled maintenance services a year, and unlimited repairs.

  • It is easy as it involves no signing up forms and involves no lengthy procedures. You can also get the benefit of a free replacement of consumables such as filters and activated carbon.

  • Convenience and Assurance of Services that can help you avail online services for any issues in your water purifier. Also, there are fabulous discount offers in particular seasons.


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