Superior design and advanced technology is what best defines Aquaguard Elite UV+UF.It delivers optimum purification through its UV+UF technology.The Ultra Filtration provides an added layer of purification giving you crystal clear water free from microbial contamination.Its Active Copper technology provides goodness of copper in water & Mineral Guard technology retains natural essential minerals in water.

  • Patented Active Copper Technology™*#

    The active copper cartridge infuses copper ions along with other essential minerals into the water.
    *IS 10500:2012 Drinking Water Specification (Acceptable Limit).
    #Patented Technology. Patent No. 332771.

  • Advanced Mineral Guard Technology™

    The advanced mineral guard technology helps to retain all essential natural minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium which provides perfect blend of safe and healthy water.

  • Unique UV E-Boiling

    UV e-boiling technology makes your water as safe & pure as water boiled for 20+ minutes.

  • Ultra Filteration

    Imparts crystal clear clarity to drinking water in addition to making it safe from viral & bacterial contamination* UV+UF removes viruses

  • Supreme aesthetics

    A superior purifier with compact & stylish design that enhances your kitchen aesthetics

  • Flexible Installation

    The purifier can be kept on the counter top or easily wall mounted

  • High Storage Capacity

    This purifier comes with large storage tank of 8L which ensures adequate supply of water

  • Service within 5KM range

    Service available within 5 KM Range

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