What is a Taste Adjuster in a Water Purifier?

What is a Taste Adjuster in a Water Purifier?

Relocating to a new place brings plenty of adjustments to the surroundings, daily activities, and sometimes food. But have you ever noticed how water tastes a bit differently in a new place? This might occur if your water purifier doesn’t have a Taste Adjuster.

Environmental degradation and pollution have caused a lot of problems, and water contamination stands out prominently among them. Today, the thought of drinking tap water without boiling or purifying it is unimaginable, because of unwanted chemicals, bacteria, and viruses in tap water. Moreover, drinking contaminated water can be detrimental to your health–this is why water purifiers have become a common sight in households. They (water purifiers) have various technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), or Ultra Filtration (UF) to purify water and give you water that is free of harmful elements.

You must have heard of a bunch of terminologies associated with water purifiers but hardly understood them. And we get it–there are just too many terminologies and it's difficult to keep track of them. One such term often used in water purifiers is Advanced Taste Adjuster or Manual Total Dissolved Salts Controller (MTDS). Let’s try to understand what an MTDS is and how it tailors water quality to suit your preferences.

What is a Taste Adjuster?

An Advanced Taste Adjuster (TA) or MTDS ensures consistent water taste, regardless of the water source. It is not a water filter but a new feature in a water purifier that allows you to control the taste of your water.

In comparison to conventional water purifiers, a purifier equipped with a taste adjuster guarantees sweet-tasting water, no matter your location. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who travel frequently or reside in areas with fluctuating water quality.

Before understanding how Advanced Taste Adjuster works, you need to understand what TDS is. TDS refers to Total Dissolved Solids. It is the amount of dissolved solids like calcium, magnesium, and sodium, among others in the water. While some of these dissolved salts are beneficial for your health, others are not. Therefore, you need an RO water purifier to remove excess TDS from your water. Most RO water purifiers can remove TDS of up to 2000 mg/l.

Although RO water purifiers can remove TDS from the water, they cannot adjust the taste of the purified water. That is where TA helps, it adjusts the purified water’s TDS to desired levels, based on your preferences.

How do Taste Adjusters Work?

As mentioned before, Advanced Taste Adjuster is not a water filter, it is a feature that gives you control over the Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) level in your water. The higher the level of TDS in water, the more dangerous it is to consume. TA adjusts the ratio of purified and rejected water to provide you with water that’s pure, safe, and adjusted to your taste and preference. This means that if you want the increase the TDS level of your water, all you need to do is tweak the control, and the purifier will allow more minerals to pass through.

Benefits of Taste Adjusters in Water Purifiers

1. Eliminates unpleasant odours and tastes:

Advanced Taste Adjuster eliminates any unwanted taste or smell that might persist in your water. They (TA) focus on removing impurities that affect the taste, making every sip of water refreshing and enjoyable.

2. Enhanced Drinking Experience:

Taste adjusters customise the taste of water according to your preferences.

3. Improves Hydration:

Many people struggle or are unable to complete their daily water intake goals due to the taste of their water. But with MTDS, you can adjust the taste of your water as per your preference, which in turn, promotes hydration.

4. Encourages healthy lifestyle choices:

When taste adjusters are used, people are less likely to drink artificial or sugary drinks to relieve their thirst, which encourages healthier hydration options.

5. Cost-Effective Solution:

Purchasing a water purifier with taste adjusters is an economical choice over time since it reduces the need to buy bottled water, which helps the environment and saves money.

6. Desirable TDS:

RO water purifiers generally bring down the TDS level, making it safe to drink but not desirable. Water purifiers with MTDS help maintain the desirable level of TDS for drinking.

Aquaguard Water Purifier With Advanced Taste Adjuster

1. Aquaguard Glory RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline+SS Water Purifier is a full package if you are looking for an RO water purifier with TA for your home. It follows a six-step filtration process that ensures pure and safe water at all times. The I-Filter removes fine suspended particles such as dust, dirt, mud, and sand from water. The Chemi-Block reduces excess chlorine and organic impurities in the water while absorbing bad taste and odour. UV E-Boiling delivers water as pure as water boiled for 20+ minutes. Ultra Filtration imparts crystal-clear clarity to drinking water and makes it safe from viral or bacterial contamination. The water purifier also comes with Aquaguard’s patented Active Copper Booster Technology that infuses the right amount of copper into your water.

2. The Aquaguard Marvel NXT UV+UF+SS Water Purifier stands out as a reliable solution for ensuring safe and clean drinking water in households. With its advanced UV and UF purification technology, this water purifier effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, providing peace of mind regarding water safety. Its sleek stainless steel tank adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen space while ensuring durability and longevity. Equipped with features such as smart LED indicators and energy-saving modes, the Aquaguard Marvel NXT UV UF SS Water Purifier offers convenience and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for households seeking reliable water purification solutions.

3. The Aquaguard Blaze Slim RO+UV+MTDS Hot Ambient water purifier is a versatile and innovative option for families looking for safe and convenient drinking water. With a multi-stage purification process that includes RO, UV, and MTDS, this purifier removes pollutants, bacteria, and hazardous substances from water, guaranteeing pure and safe water. Additionally, the on-demand hot water feature delivers hot water at 85°C at any time. Moreover, the water purifier has a high-grade 304 stainless steel tank that is corrosive-free and durable. Furthermore, with features like smart LED indicators and energy-saving settings, this purifier combines efficiency and simplicity, making it an excellent choice.

Summing Up

Taste Adjuster (TA) technology is an ingenious feature in water purifiers that maintains consistent water taste despite fluctuations in the source water. This innovative technology works quietly in the background, improving the whole water purification process.

So, if you are planning to buy a water purifier with an Advanced Taste Adjuster, opt for Aquaguard. They have a wide variety of water purifiers with superior RO, UV, and UF technology. While RO removes viruses and bacteria, UV and UF disinfect water making it free from bacterial contamination and pure and safe as boiled water.

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