Why do you need to consume purified water during the monsoons?

Why do you need to consume purified water during the monsoons?

The rainy season is looked forward to with much anticipation, in every part of India. People yearn for the rains as they bring much-needed relief from the unbearable summer heat. After a heavy downpour, the cities look scrubbed and clean. The monsoons are the perfect time to curl up at home, with your favourite book, and a hot cup of tea.

However, as much as they bring joy, the monsoons also signal the onset of waterborne diseases. Heavy rains cause cities to flood, and this contaminated flood water may mix with the drinking water supply. The rainy season sees an increase in the prevalence of waterborne diseases, caused mainly due to improper water-purification systems. The rains might spell relief from the sweltering heat, but they also signal the onset of bacterial and viral infections that can cause considerable discomfort. The list of waterborne diseases is extensive, but the most harmful are typhoid, diarrhoea and jaundice. During the monsoons, the rain does cause temporary relief, but humidity comes back post the showers, and causes major health concerns. One of them being dehydration, which makes the body lose essential minerals through sweat.

Waterborne diseases are spread primarily through contaminated water. A person falls sick by direct consumption of polluted water, or using it for cooking. Eating food cooked with contaminated water can lead to severe stomach infections.

It is imperative to keep water pure during the monsoons. Installing a good water purifier can significantly reduce the risk of waterborne diseases. Modern water purifiers employ a range of advanced technologies, to ensure that all impurities and particulate matter are removed from the drinking water, thus ensuring safe, clean and healthy drinking water for you and your family. Equipped with RO, UV, and UF technology, these purifiers sense the water source, and purify the water to an optimum level. Separating salts and heavy metals, and getting rid of organic impurities, pesticides, VOC and bacteria, virus and other disease-causing organisms, these purifiers improve the taste of the water as well.

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