Robotic vacuum cleaners and their technologies explained

Robotic vacuum cleaners and their technologies explained

Introduction: Say Hello to Robotic Vacuums

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the working professionals brought their work home. With residences being converted to fit our living and working needs, the need to keep homes cozy and clean amidst the fear of infections has never been more accentuated.

What if we told you that there was a way to keep your living and workspace cleaner than ever before without ever having to get your hands dirty or even getting up from your place? With robotic vacuums, cleaning becomes automated and hassle-free.

This desire to prioritize hygiene has led to a boom in the Robotic cleaning industry. An increase in the use of robot vacuums across residences and commercial spaces predicts a growth estimate of 14.6% by 2025. (1).  

What's the best robot vacuum 2021 has to offer? Well, today, we will guide you with how floor-cleaning robot vacuums work. We will also share the necessary tips for investing in the right one for your home.

How Do Robot Vacuums Work?

Like most robotic machinery, vacuum cleaning robots function using a set of pre-programmed instructions. Since not every layout can be tackled with a fixed guide, the feature 'intelligence' maximizes the effectiveness.  

1. Onboard Sensors

Vacuum robots are equipped with a range of sensors and beams for object recognition in their path. The infrared beams help sense the proximity of potential obstacles such as a table leg or a rug and avoid collision with these obstacles.

However, avoiding obstacles completely would leave certain areas unclean. Many vacuum robots reduce their movement speed until their touch sensor gently bumps into the obstacle to combat this.

Anti-fall sensors prevent the robot vacuum from falling from high areas as they can detect the height through their sensors. 

2. Great Accessibility

Robotic vacuums have impeccable accessibility. They can easily slide and navigate under furniture like cots and couches without humans having to lift a finger.

Furthermore, you no longer have to move heavy furniture around the house if you wanted to clean every nook and corner. Robotic vacuums can clean by getting into tight spaces without you having to put on your cleaning hat!

3. Compact Size and Design  

A robotic vacuum cleaner's compact size and design enable it to reach areas and corners of the room which would otherwise be inaccessible with traditional cleaning methods or with a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Further, thanks to a minimal and highly functional design coupled with engineering finesse, robotic vacuum cleaners, like the Robo Vac N Mop, feature several different cleaning modes like spiral, edge, and zig-zag so that you can be rest assured that every nook and corner of your space is being tidied up!

What to Look for When Buying the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

To assist you in searching for the best robot vacuum cleaner in India, we have compiled a list of the main elements to consider when making your purchase. 

Daily, you don’t always have to clean dry and dusty surfaces. Other accidents like your cat spilling over your cup of coffee or a glass of water falling out of your child’s hands are very much a possibility.

So, you want to make sure your robotic vacuum cleaner saves you all kinds of hassle. Take, for example, Eureka Forbes’ Robo Vac N Mop.

1. Wet and Dry Cleaning Function

Dirt and debris come in all forms and sediment in particularly difficult corners of your home. Having to reset your robot every time you want it to focus on cleaning a particular spot or an edge can get really tiring and futile! The Robo Vac N Mop has a dual function — it can clean wet surfaces just as quickly as dry surfaces.

Daily, you don’t always have to clean dry and dusty surfaces. Other accidents like your cat spilling over your cup of coffee or a glass of water falling out of your child’s hands are very much a possibility.

So, you want to make sure your robotic vacuum cleaner saves you all kinds of hassle. Take, for example, Eureka Forbes’ Robo Vac N Mop.

Robo Vac N Mop has a dual function — it can clean wet surfaces just as quickly as dry surfaces. The robo vacuum gets rid of dry dust, dirt and debris with powerful suction and uses a highly absorbent reusable microfiber cloth to mop wet spills and stains before they do much damage.

This robotic vacuum cleaner offers a range of cleaning modes and patterns that significantly impact the effectiveness and coverage area for cleaning. The Forbes Robo Vac n Mop Cleaner packs in these cleaning modes and functions to ensure that you have spotless floors every time: 

Spot-Cleaning Mode

The vacuum moves and cleans intensively in a spiral until every bit of dust is picked up. This works particularly well for getting tough dust and stains out! The Spot cleaning function is ideal for cleaning up kitchen messes and accidental spills.

Edge Cleaning Mode

In this mode, the edges of walls and obstacles such as tables and beds are cleaned. The vacuum moves closer to the wall and cleans every corner and edge of your house with precision, leaving no dirt behind!

Scheduled Cleaning Mode

This mode lets you schedule your vacuum cleaning daily for a regular, smooth cleaning routine. You can schedule it in a way that the cleaner turns on and cleans the house by itself when you leave for work or during a specific part of the day.

Random Cleaning Mode

In the random cleaning mode, the vacuum cleans in no particular pattern and follows what might seem like a haphazard pattern to clean. This mode may miss some spots, but you can always redirect your Robo Vac n Mop with your remote or turn on spot cleaning to focus on the missed spots! 

Shape Cleaning

Shape cleaning is a regular function that cleans in an S-shaped or Zig-zag pattern. This is one of the most efficient cleaning modes to ensure no omission of spaces. The Shape cleaning mode is ideal for particularly large areas and is advisable to be followed up w_ith edge cleaning for clean flooring after every cleaning.

UV Sanitization

Erasing both visible and invisible harmful dust and bacteria is essential with any cleaner. This is why UV-based sanitization, after every cleaning, is extremely useful. Particularly in homes with children, this UV Sanitization feature comes in handy so you do not have to scrub the floors or use disinfectants.

2. Multi-surface cleaner with powerful suction

Always go for robotic vacuums to clean multiple floor types - carpeted, wooden, tiled, marble flooring.  

A Robotic Vacuum cleaner such as the Forbes Robo Vac n Mop Vacuum Cleaner (3) can automatically adjust its suction p_ower to clean different surfaces efficiently. For instance, if your home has rugs or wooden flooring in a particular room while cleaning, the Forbes Robo Vac n Mop will detect the difference in surfaces and clean them by adjusting its suction power.

Cleaning with Sanitization 

Opt for a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Forbes Robo Vac n Mop Cleaner (3), which offers dual functionality of dry vacuuming and wet mopping, dealing with dust and damp spills, sanitizing the floors, and also sanitizing your floor with UV Action, thereby killing the harmful bacteria on the ground.

Further, Intelligent cleaners like Robo Vac n Mop offer multi-cleaning modes which have adjustable speeds, brush rotation speed, and suction performance up to 1200 pa.

The Auto cleaning mode lets the cleaner adjust cleaning independently, and the edge cleaning feature gets stubborn dust from hard-to-reach surfaces.

3. Battery Life and Auto- Recharging features

Robot vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries that run for a long time that is 90 mins. The larger your home, the more battery capacity is required to ensure uninterrupted run time.  

Opt for cleaners that offer at least 2600 mAh battery capacity, so a run time of 90 minutes is guaranteed - which is the average time to clean an Indian mid-sized household. 

Even when the battery is low robotic cleaners automatically find their way to the charging station. Thus you don’t have to worry about charging your Robo time and again.

The best product in that range would be the Forbes Robo Vac n Mop Cleaner which offers an unparalleled 90 minutes run time! 

4. Remote Controlled Cleaning

Opt for a Robotic vacuum cleaner such as Forbes Robo Vac n Mop which provides remote control functionality. This enables you to operate and control your robot with nothing more than a click of a button. Typically, as with any remote control, you can switch on or off the vacuum cleaner and choose one of the many offered cleaning modes.

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