Elevate Your Kitchen with the First-Ever Water Purifier With Glass Exterior

Elevate Your Kitchen with the First-Ever Water Purifier With Glass Exterior

When it comes to essential appliances in homes, water purifiers rank high on the list. That’s because they are capable of removing impurities and contaminants from the water, ensuring pure and safe water for you and your family.

People rely on them to provide pure and safe drinking water, a fundamental requirement for health and well-being. While that is the primary goal of a water purifier, should it end there?

Given the increasing emphasis on interior design and home aesthetics, it's natural for people to consider how an appliance as prominent as a water purifier fits into the overall look of their home. Introducing a kitchen upgrade that blends mould-breaking design, minimalist style, and innovation all in one–Aquaguard Slimtech series. Read ahead to know more about Aquaguard’s first-ever water purifier with a toughened glass exterior.

What is an Aquaguard Slimtech Water Purifier?

Imagine water purifiers with a toughened glass exterior that exudes elegance and luxury. Such purifiers can become a statement piece in your kitchen. They are not just functional appliances but also decor elements that enhance your space.

That’s the Aquaguard Slimtech series for you and it has so much more. They offer advanced purification technology and have indicators for quality and maintenance; moreover, they fit right into your modern décor.

What are the Key Features Of Aquaguard Slimtech Water Purifiers?

Here are some of the features of these glass water purifiers-

1. Toughened Glass:

Aquaguard Slimtech water purifiers are meticulously crafted with a dual focus on durability and aesthetics and incorporate cutting-edge German technology. It has a toughened Schott glass exterior, making it one of the slimmest and most stylish water purifiers on the block. This exquisite material elevates the product's overall visual allure and assures its enduring resilience.

2. Ergonomic Wall Mount Design:

Aquaguard Slimtech water purifiers are designed to blend seamlessly with your kitchen's overall aesthetic. Its ergonomic wall-mounted design ensures that it doesn't disrupt your kitchen's visual harmony but integrates seamlessly. This enhances the visual appeal and maximises the efficient use of available space. You can call it the slimmest purifier on the block!

3. Smudge-Proof:

One of the key advantages of Aquaguard Slimtech water purifiers is their resistance to smudges caused by oil, grease, and scratches. This is a valuable feature, especially in the kitchen, where spills and splatters are common. The feature makes cleaning and maintaining the glass water purifier easy, ensuring that it looks as good as new.

4. 5th Gen UV LED:

These glass water purifiers boast a cutting-edge 5th Gen UV LED, setting them apart from ordinary UV water purifiers. While conventional models typically require more than 30 seconds to initiate the purification process, our advanced UV LED offers instant protection with zero wait time. This technology is also faster as there’s zero wait time, lasts for 10 years, making it longer than any other UV water purifier, and safer as there is zero harmful mercury.

5. Water Quality Indicator:

High TDS levels can indicate the presence of impurities, minerals, or contaminants that might affect the water's taste and, more importantly, its safety for consumption. These water purifiers come with a water quality indicator that lets you know the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of purified water. This helps you take full control over the quality of your drinking water.

6. Fake Filter Alerts:

Fake or counterfeit filters can compromise the purifier's effectiveness in removing impurities, potentially allowing harmful substances to enter your drinking water. The Aquaguard Slimtech water purifiers come with a fake filter detector that alerts you when fake or subpar filters are in use. This feature helps you make smart choices about your water, ensuring it's safe and pure.

7. Ultra Responsive Touch Dispense:

One of the standout features of this water purifier is its ultra-responsive touch dispensing system. It provides purified water instantly, with zero wait time. This means you can quench your thirst or fill up your glass or bottle without any delays. No more waiting for water to be filtered, making it an ideal choice for homes where convenience is a top priority.

Introducing Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline Water Purifier and Aquaguard Slimtech Glass UV Storage Water Purifier

Aquaguard Slimtech Series features two options currently- Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline Water Purifier and Aquaguard Slimtech Glass UV Storage Water Purifier. Both offer amazing aesthetic and technological features. They are slim, smart, and stylish water purifiers that are easy to maintain. Let’s understand them in detail.

1. Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Bar Inline Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Bar Inline Water Purifier has a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen space. Equipped with an advanced 5th Gen UV LED purification technology, this water purifier offers instant purification with zero wait time. Moreover, the use of the latest UV technology makes it safer as it has zero harmful Mercury and lasts longer than ordinary UV water purifiers.

Furthermore, the toughened glass exterior adds an aesthetic appeal while also enhancing durability. This water purifier features an inline design, allowing for easy installation under the sink, and saving valuable countertop space. Additionally, it comes with a smart LED indicator that alerts users about the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of purified water, ensuring peace of mind and safe water at all times. Moreover, the water purifier alerts users in case a fake or partially used filter is used.

With its efficient purification process and space-saving design, the Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Bar Inline Water Purifier offers a reliable and stylish solution for ensuring the purity of drinking water in any household.

2. Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Storage Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Slim Glass UV Storage Water Purifier has a glass exterior that enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen while providing safe and healthy drinking water for your family. It uses an innovative 5-stage purification process to effectively remove pollutants, kill bacteria and viruses, and eliminate dangerous substances.

The 5th Gen UV LED is faster, lasts longer than years, and has zero harmful mercury making it one of the best and safest water purifiers. Its clever LED indicators keep you updated on the purification process and the health of the purifier. It also alerts users when a fake or counterfeit filter is used in the water purifier. Moreover, the Health Protect Technology ensures that you and your family always have access to pure and clean water.

Take Away

The interior of a home is a reflection of people's tastes and style. People carefully choose colour schemes, furniture, and decor to create a functional and visually pleasing environment.

With the Aquaguard Slimtech Series, you can bring home a water purifier that offers functionality and elegance. The 5th Generation UV LED Boiling Technology in these water purifiers is an excellent option for modern water treatment. It is effective, rapid, and versatile, making it ideal for today's water purification demands while also ensuring the supply of clean and safe drinking water for future generations.

With their toughened glass exterior and many features, the UV Slim Bar and UV Slim Storage ensure that you enjoy safe and pure drinking water and elevate the overall aesthetics of your space.

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