What are the Benefits of Water Purifier AMC?

What are the Benefits of Water Purifier AMC?

Water purifiers, like any other home appliance, require regular maintenance and upkeep, and an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ensures precisely that and more. With a focus on routine maintenance and repair, the Aquaguard Genuine AMC safeguards the longevity and efficiency of your water purifier and it covers repairs and replacement. If you plan on enrolling in an AMC plan, here’s a comprehensive guide on water purifiers AMC.

What is a Water Purifier AMC, and Why is it Necessary?

AMC is a contractual agreement between a customer and a service provider. The customer pays a predetermined fee to the service provider, who, in return, provides routine maintenance services for their water purifier.

Here are some reasons why you need a water purifier AMC:

1. Ensures Optimal Performance:

Regular servicing and maintenance maintain the efficiency of your water purifier, ensuring it functions optimally. Most AMC plans have three to four maintenance services yearly, as per your plan. For instance, Aquaguard Genuine AMC plans offer up to three maintenance visits and unlimited repair visits, based on your plan. Moreover, their Genuine AMC plans start at ₹ 599/yearly.

2. Prolonged Lifespan:

AMC helps extend the lifespan of your water purifier by addressing issues before they become major problems. That is why it is recommended to get an AMC plan while purchasing a water purifier.

3. Health and Safety:

Clean and well-maintained water purifiers provide safe and healthy drinking water, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.

Introducing Aquaguard Genuine AMC

Aquaguard AMC is a yearly maintenance contract for all kinds of Aquaguard water purifiers. Aquaguard Genuine AMC typically covers regular upkeep, unlimited repair visits, 2 maintenance visits per year, free annual filter kit replacement, and free spare part replacement. You also get tank and filter cleaning, unlimited repair visits, and access to 8500+ trained technicians.

If you are planning to get an AMC plan, opt for the Aquaguard Genuine AMC plan, starting at ₹599 annually. As mentioned above, the plan consists of unlimited service visits for breakdowns, discounted rates for annual filter replacement, one complimentary maintenance visit for cleaning the water purifier and filter, and genuine spare parts replacement at Maximum Retail Price (MRP).

Benefits Of Aquaguard Genuine AMC

1. Unlimited benefits

Aquaguard Genuine AMC offers free annual filter replacement, free filter and tank cleaning, unlimited service visits, and free spare parts replacement that ensures that your water purifier is the perfect condition always.

2. Improved Performance and Genuine Spare Parts

Timely maintenance and filter replacements contribute to the enhanced performance of the water purifier, resulting in an efficient and effective purification process. Furthermore, with Aquaguard, you receive genuine spare parts as per ISO standards. This not only enhances the water purifier's performance but also extends its life.

3. Pure and Clean Water Without a Compromise

A water purifier is a service-oriented product, which means it requires regular servicing and maintenance for proper functioning. An AMC contract offers consistent servicing and genuine spare parts, ensuring the delivery of pure and clean water without any compromise.

4. Cost Savings

As with any contract, AMC charges a fixed annual fee, covering replacement parts and routine maintenance services. This can lead to cost savings compared to paying for individual services or repairs separately. Additionally, Aquaguard Genuine AMC plans begin at ₹599 annually, making it easier for everyone to have access to timely servicing and maintenance.

5. Extended Lifespan

Effective servicing plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of the Aquaguard water purifier. This is achieved by maintaining the overall system performance and addressing minor issues proactively before they escalate.

6. Peace of Mind

With an Aquaguard Genuine AMC contract, you can rest assured that your water purifier is regularly serviced and maintained, providing peace of mind. You can trust that your system is working efficiently and delivering safe drinking water to your loved ones.

7. Consistent Water Quality

Routine maintenance and filter replacements result in uniform water quality. It also ensures the continuous and effective removal of contaminants and impurities by the water purifier is imperative.

8. Expert Guidance

Aquaguard has a vast network of over 8500+ skilled technicians who are capable of solving all water purifier-related issues. Therefore, getting an Aquaguard Genuine AMC plan ensures that your purifier is in the hands of professionals who understand its intricacies.

9. Transferable AMC all over India

Aquaguard Genuine AMC is transferable throughout India. This means that you can get nationwide service coverage, allowing for expert maintenance and support wherever you are in India. It is ideal for those with frequent relocations, as it provides consistent assistance, safeguarding their water purifier with versatility and convenience.

10. Emergency Assistance Whenever Needed

Emergencies can strike unexpectedly, and it's essential to be adequately prepared for such situations. No one wants to be caught off guard and unsure of how to handle equipment or technology issues. Having an Aquaguard Genuine AMC in place is a proactive measure to address such problems.

With an Aquaguard Genuine AMC, you can book a service request in just 3 seconds with the Eureka Forbes service app, and within a few hours, you'll be assigned an expert technician with a 4.5-star rating from our extensive network of 8500+ professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Aquaguard Genuine AMC

1. What is the AMC cost for Aquaguard?

Aquaguard Genuine AMC plans start at ₹599 annually. They cover free annual filter replacement, free filter and tank cleaning, unlimited service visits, and free genuine spare parts replacement that ensures proper functioning of your water purifier.

2. Is AMC necessary for a water purifier?

Yes, AMC ensures that your water purifier functions properly and reduces the chances of breakdown or complete shutdown.

Take Away

In every Indian household, a water purifier is essential, ensuring a continuous supply of pure and clean water. However, water purifiers require regular maintenance for proper functioning, highlighting the significance of an Aquaguard Genuine Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). People often overlook scheduling services, leading to potential malfunctions. Opting for an Aquaguard Genuine AMC guarantees timely and year-round servicing, emphasizing the importance of investing in this essential maintenance plan.

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