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Why do you need a
Vacuum Cleaner?

Modern Indian homes have a variety of surfaces like the floor, sofas, walls, curtains and rugs that can become contaminated with dust, dirt, allergens, grime, grease, wet and dry spills, dust mites, and stains.

We may think that a simple sweeping and mopping job is enough, but that only displaces the contaminants and will not help you get rid of smaller particles. It also does not eliminate dust mites, which can cause allergies and trigger asthma.

What you need is a robust cleaning technology that tackles both visible and invisible dirt and dust in your home, making it free of harmful contaminants.

Our range of vacuum cleaners is designed around the cleaning needs of the modern Indian home and can tackle the toughest of spills and the tiniest of contaminants. Featuring wet and dry solutions for whole-home cleaning, handheld cleaners for portable cleaning, upright and robotic vacuum cleaners for convenience and more, this Buying Guide will help you find the vacuum cleaner that you need.