Aquaguard Absolute Hot N Ambient N Cold RO+UV
Water Purifier

With storage tank of 16.6 litres that makes it ideal for offices and would help keep your employees healthy.

Top Features

  • Hot Cold & Ambient water On Demand

    Dispenses hot ambient and cold water as per your needs.

  • Universal Water Purifier

    Ensures the purifier works with multiple sources of water with TDS levels up to 2000. mg/lts.

  • Three Steps to Safe Water

    Aquaguard Hot & Cold (RO+UV) Water Purifier has 3 core technologies which mean that what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in.

  • RO Purification

    Removes contaminants like lead and mercury and eliminates disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

  • In-Tank UV

    In- tank UV technology removes waterborne organisms that may cause diseases. The Ultra Violet lamp inside the tank purifies the water and wipe out harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • Biocote

    Biocote technology protects the surface of the purifier against any possible microbial growth.

  • High Water Storage

    High water storage capacity for a constant supply of fresh water. Gravity-fed storage tank providing additional stored water, ideal for areas where there may be disruptions to the water supply Drip tray drainage for convenience.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions MM (WxDxH) 1140 x 340 x 380 mm
  • Installation Type Table Top
  • Storage Capacity 12 litres and above
  • TDS 500 - 2000 mg/l
  • Water Flow Rate 15 l/hour
  • Input Water Pressure 0.3 kg / sq. cm - 3.0 kg / sq. cm
  • Input Water Temperature 10°C - 40°C
  • Input Water Chlorine (Max) 0.2 mg/l (max.)
  • Input Water Turbidity (Max) 15 NTU (max)
  • Input Water Iron 0.3 ppm (max.)
  • UV Lamp 8 Watts
  • Life of UV Lamp 8000 burning hours
  • Power 550 watts
  • Operating Input Voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz
  • Country of Origin India
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