Aquaguard Select Iron Remover AIR 1200

High concentrations of iron in water can impart metallic taste and smell alongwith staining of bathroom fixtures, laundry and dishes.

  • KATALOX Light®

    Utilizes German-made filter media that ensures a long lifespan.

  • Automatic Multiport Valve

    The automatic self cleaning system, flushes out residue from KATALOX filter media, thus enhancing life. All this with no manual effort.

  • Intelligent Monitoring System

    It monitors the filter media performance and when required, automatically directs the system to initiate self-cleaning.

  • Low Power Consumption

    Operates only on 18 Watts, which is as low as a mobile charger.

  • No Yearly Maintenance

    Features German filter media that lasts for more than 5 years*.

  • 1200 litres Per Hour

    Ensures pure, clean water for all, by delivering water at a high capacity.

  • Chlorine-free Operation

    Does not require chlorine dosing for media, protecting you from the effects of chlorine.