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Aquaguard Pro RO+UV
Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Aquaguard Pro RO+UV

Aquaguard Pro RO+UV

Aquaguard Pro RO+UV is specially designed to suit the needs of small firms, shops and businesses. Its 10 lts storage capacity ensures that your employees get to drink the purest form of water, while it also lets you save on the expenses of stocking up water bottles.
  • Built with the ability to sense the water source and automatically choose the purification technology (RO+UV) to give you consistent water quality
  • Enhanced taste and protection with the highly developed silver impregnated carbon cartridge
  • Hi Flo ensures that you get 25 liters of water per hour
  • Enhanced storage capacity of 10 liters
  • LED display that indicates power on/off, purification process and notifies you about service and replacement
    • RO+UV

      The most intelligent and revolutionary purification system can automatically sense the quality of water source and accordingly choose the optimum purification technology (RO+UV). With the ability to filter out the most harmful contents in water, Magna is tailored with unique capabilities to give you consistent water quality, irrespective of where it is sourced from.

    • Hi Flo

      The purifier dispenses 25 liters of water per hour with its Hi Flo feature.

    • Dispenses water without electricity

      Purified stored water can be dispensed even without electricity, unlike other RO+UV water purifier.

    • Enhanced Storage

      It comes with a 10 litre in-built storage tank. Thereby ensuring purified water on tap, all the time.

    • LED Display

      The LED display acts as a smart indicator and also assists you in hassle-free operations. Helps the user to identify different modes (Power On/Off, Purification Process, Service and Filter replacement) through LED indicators.

    • Silver impregnated carbon cartridge

      The unique cartridge removes residual organic impurities and revives the original taste of water. The water you drink is thus free from pesticides with no signs of bad odor.

    • Warranty

      The goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier. T&C apply

    • Trusted by

      10 million families and owned by 162,000 doctors

    • Service

      Across more than 500 towns

    • Installation

      Free Standard Installation

    • Certified by

      More than 130 national and international leading labs

    • After sales service

      Super Brand, Water Digest Award, Readers Digest trusted brand

    • Endorsed By

      Indian Medical Academy

30 DaysMoney back guarantee
Free StandardInstallation
*Easy EMIOptions
*Servicewithin 48 hours
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