Forbes Tornado Vacuum Cleaner

Forbes Tornado with its cyclonic bagless technology prevents the filter from letting clogged to ensure there is constant and strong suction. The compact design of the Tornado makes it aesthetically appealing, while it also facilitates easy storage.
  • Cyclonic bagless technology which maintains the consistency of the suction by preventing clogging of the filter
  • Automatic power cable winder which can store the cable into the unit with the press of a button
  • Customized suction power settings with variable power control
  • Specially designed 360 degree swivel wheels for easy mobility and convenient cleaning
  • Advanced HEPA filter to remove airborne particles with an efficiency rate of 99.9%
  • Powerful Suction & Blower Function with 1200W Motor

    Tornado with a 1200 W motor has a powerful suction and blower function that removes deep embedded dust and dirt from all the upholstery.

  • Wide Range of Accessories

    Tornado has a range of 5 accessories that can be used efficiently for versatile cleaning.

  • Specially Designed 360 degree swivel wheels

    The vacuum cleaner has specially designed 360 degree swivel wheels to ensure easy handling, stability and greater mobility.

  • Variable power control

    The suction power can be controlled as per your need with the help of the variable power control. You can set the power to low, medium or high speed to suit your varied cleaning requirements .

  • Automatic Power Cable Winder for Convenience

    To protect the power cord from getting cut or damaged, the vacuum cleaner has an in-built storage space which enables the cord to be stored in the unit itself. With the press of a button you can extend the cord for usage and also retract it back into the unit for secure storage.

  • Advanced HEPA type filtration

    The high Efficiency particulate air filter retains up to 99.77% of the most penetrating air borne particles like dust, pollen, mould and bacteria.

  • Cyclonic Bagless Technology

    The cyclonic bagless technology of the vacuum cleaner maintains the consistency of the suction to avoid clogging and facilitate continued cleaning.

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