Forbes Clean Sweep Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful upright cleaner
  • Steam On demand : Instant steam for better cleaning performance

  • 3 in 1 Action : Steam cleaning , vacuum cleaning , steam and vacuum in one

  • Powerful Cleaner : Cyclonic vacuum cleaning and steam cleaner in one

  • Dual Vacuum Filters : Foam and pleated Filter to ensure trapping dust and dirt and provide clean exhaust air back in the room

  • Drop it Bin : One touch technology for effortless maintenance and usage

  • Dry Tank Technology : Keep debris and dirt away from water /steam all times

  • Smart Steam Control : Automatically control steam output to suit various surfaces

  • Reusable MOP Pads : Soft pad for everyday messes and scrubby for tough messes

  • Scented Discs : Ensure sanitation and fragrant cleaning without harmful chemicals

  • Water Filter : Built in filter removes impurities in tap water and protects the machine

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