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Eurovigil I Guard 100

Eurovigil I Guard 100

Protect your home from break-ins, smoke, fire and many other emergency situations with this intelligent system that makes sure you''re always safe.
  • Few things in life are as precious as the feeling of being secure in your home.
  • The I Guard 100 is a smart and robust device built to secure your premises against break-ins, forced openings of doors and windows, smoke, fire, leakage of cooking glass and other emergency situations.
  • The powerful intrusion alarm system is also pleasing to the eyes.
  • This intelligent system comprises a control panel, sensors, and signalling components that raise the alarm in case of risky and unpleasant events.
  • The control panel of I Guard 100 acts as a brain that consistently reads signals from its sensors.
  • It communicates the danger to the Eurovigil Monitoring Station, which in turn confirms the authenticity of the alarm and makes you take an action instantly.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Images shown and used are for representation purpose only. Product or components may change based on technology enhancement periodically. Color of the product and its components may vary from the one displayed on the website

    • 8 on-board zones expandable to 32 zones

    • Maximum of 32 wireless zones

    • 71 user codes + 1 master code

    • Add up to 8 keypads and 4 partitions

    • 500 event buffer

    • 2 on-board PGM output expandable to 14

    • Auto arm and disarm

    • No Activity Arming

    • It is certified by UL, ULC, CE, FCC & ROHS

30 DaysMoney back guarantee
Free StandardInstallation
*Easy EMIOptions
*Servicewithin 48 hours
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