Forbes Robo L VAC VOICE Vacuum Cleaner

Forbes Robo L Vac Voice is a intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner with Voice and smart App controlled operation, powered with Intelligent floor mapping (LDS navigation) which cleans with a precision of 1 cm with its powerful suction. This is a multipurpose cleaner with vacuum and Mopping with function. It is the most convenient way to keep your home clean and you have more time for things you love.

  • Laser Mapping

    LaserForbes Robo LVAC VOICE is powered with Laser mapping which scans the surrounding for faster and real-time path planning for precision cleaning.

  • Smart Voice Controlled

    SmartRobo LVAC VOICE can be controlled with voice command through all smart devices.

  • Powerful Suction

    PowerfulForbes Robo LVAC VOICE is powered with best in class powerful suction of 1400 Pa to ensure that even a speck of tiny dust on the floor will be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Multi-surface floor Cleaner

    Multi-surfaceThe versatility of Robo LVAC VOICE makes this product a unique cleaning marvel which can be used across any kind of surface viz. carpets, wooden and marble floors thereby making it the best option for daily cleaning.

  • Forbes Robo Application

    Forbes Robo App gives you the convenience of operating Robo LVAC VOICE with the help of a smartphone. User gets full control to operate Robo LVAC VOICE which includes changing cleaning modes and directions, increasing the suction power, schedule cleaning time, room zoning, etc.

  • Room Zoning

    RoomRobo LVAC VOICE gives user the freedom to choose the size and location of the target area for cleaning. Once the user confirms the target area the robot will go straight for cleaning the target area.

  • Forbidden Area Zoning

    ForbiddenUser can select the size and location of the area that should not be cleaned with Forbidden Area Zoning feature.

  • 2 stage cleaning

    2Robo LVAC VOICE vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a 2-stage cleaning process that includes powerful suction and advanced electric water tank based mopping to ensure complete cleaning.

  • Multi-cleaning Mode

    Robo LVAC VOICE comes with 3 cleaning modes:
    - Eco Cleaning Mode: Robot will slow down its moving speed and main brush rotating speed, and decrease its vacuum power to minimise the noise level.
    - Auto Cleaning Mode: The Robot will start cleaning automatically and adjusts its cleaning on its own.
    - Turbo Cleaning Mode: Robot will slow down its speed and increase its vacuum power, and speed up the main brush rotation for deep cleaning.

  • Auto Docking

    AutoRobo LVAC VOICE comes with an advanced Auto Docking mechanism. It automatically returns to the charging dock for charging when the battery level is low.

  • Duraclean Battery

    DuracleanRobo LVAC VOICE vacuum cleaner is powered with advanced 2600 mAh lithium ion Duraclean battery which has the unmatched runtime of 90-100 minutes, thus making the cleaning experience hassle-free.

  • Scheduling Mode: Schedule the robot to make it start cleaning conveniently at a certain time everyday.

    Schedule the robot to make it start cleaning conveniently at a certain time everyday.

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