Forbes High Pressure Washer HPJ 140

  • Forbes High Pressure Washer HP140 shoots water at tremendous pressure than a conventional hosepipe making it the ideal choice for tough dirt cleaning. With 1900 watts high pressure cleaning, the Forbes HPJ 140 cleans your walls, floor, vehicles and gardens effectively, easily and fast. Its high pressure removes the toughest dirt in seconds and make everything it cleans, shine like new.
  • Manual Hose reel for easy storage

  • Automatic start/stop and easy-to-Use

  • Reliable and robust aluminium pump

  • Compact and modern design and convenient vertical design

  • Easy to handle and light weight

  • Does not waste water or electricity

  • Saves time and multi-purpose usage

  • Great foaming capacity

  • Warranty

    The goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 6 months from the date of Installation.

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