Aquaguard Pure Chill 80 PSS RO Water Purifier

A water purifier with an advanced 7-stage purification process
  • Backed by decades of experience of nationwide Eureka Forbes network for a healthier workplace, this unique purifier with seven stage water purification process delivers ultimate convenience and the promise of health. It deploys cutting-edge technology to ensure that your drinking water is not only cool but also 100% safe.
  • Advanced 7-Stage Purification Process

    1. Particulate Filter with unique polypropylene yarn candle removes physical impurities etc from the input water.
    2. Pre Carbon Block Filter with specially treated carbon block adsorbs colour, odour and organic impurities, while chlorine prevents microbial growth on activated carbon block. Activated carbon block also removes chlorination byproducts from water.
    3. Anti Scalant Filter prevents the reverse osmosis membrane from scaling deposits as the complex molecules will not get settled and will get flushed away along with the reject water flow. Thus, it enhances the service life of membrane.
    4. Sediment Filter traps all the fine sediments present in the input water.
    5. Reverse Osmosis membrane Filter has a porosity of 0.0001 micron and strains the micro organisms, TDS (total dissolved solids) from the water. This stage rejects around 90% of the input TDS and the permeate water (purified good water) flows towards the next stage.
    6. Post Carbon Filter enhances the taste of the pure water.
    7. Nano Silver Leaching Filter effectively prevents post microbial contamination in the storage tank.

  • Larger Membrane & Higher Capacity

    Aquaguard Pure Chill RO 80 SS with 80 litres stainless steel tank has the dual advantage of high capacity purification and storage.
    It is built with special membrane elements, which produce higher quality of treated water faster and continuously.

  • Microbiologically Potable with Nano Silver Leaching RO System

    makes the water both chemically and microbiologically potable by reducing hardness and water borne micro-organism during the process. Safe drinking water is assured at

  • The outlet, using the advanced internationally proven Nano Silver Leaching purification

    which leaves no chance for recontamination.

  • Self-Cleaning System

    This ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto flushing every hour.

  • Powerful Cooling System

    Its powerful cooling system cools effectively and faster.

  • Tough, Hygienic and Durable Body

    Its entire body is corrosion resistant which prevents rusting and helps maintain hygiene standards.

  • Efficient After-Sales Service Aquaguard

    Pure Chill is backed by the prompt and efficient after-sales support comprising over 100 exclusive service personnel across the country.

  • Warranty

    The Products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase.