A cooler-cum-purifier for commercial establishments, restaurants and more
  • At many work places, the water purifier is attached to a cooler, which means the water is first purified then cooled. In such cases, the chances of re-contamination are high. So AGCCP cools the water first and then purifies it. This ensures that you get drinking water that is cool and absolutely free from diseases-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Retains Natural Quality of Water

    It ensures that wholesome natural salts and minerals in the water are retained without adding iodine or chemicals.

  • Effective 3 Stage Purification Process

    1. The micro porous, heavy duty sediment filter candle of polypropylene and bacteriostatic carbon removes physical impurities like dust, dirt etc.
    2. Then the specially treated activated carbon removes chlorine along with its by-products and other organic impurities thus reducing unpleasant odour, taste and colour.
    3. Finally, the ultraviolet treatment effectively inactivates all known diseases- causing bacteria and viruses.

  • Built- in Safety Mechanism

    Its electronic monitoring system uses a photo resistor to stop the flow of water instantly if purification is inadequate.

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  • Unique Flow of Water

    To ensure maximum contact time in the purification chamber, the water flows against the force of gravity.

  • High Volume, Low Cost

    It has a purification capacity of 600 litres per hour, i.e. 50 glasses per minute. That’s just 1p/litre.

  • Water Control Sensor

    When connected to a cooler, the sensor switches on automatically if the water level is low and switches off again when the water level is full.
    Besides saving power, reducing maintenance cost and eliminating physical monitoring, it ensures that the water storage tank of the cooler is always full.

  • User Friendly Continuous

    Water Flow Dispensing Aquaguard 600 DF is designed to dispense continuous purified water as per your requirement, at the flick of a switch.
    A choice 2, 8 and 10 litres of flow combinations makes it user friendly, power saving and facilitates low running costs.

  • Ultra Compact Design

    Aquaguard 600 DF is compact, complying with the stringent and high quality standards (IS 14724).

  • Efficient After-Sales Service at Your Doorstep

    Aquaguard provides prompt after sales service backed by an expert service team.