The new multi-functional water purifier that works even during power failure
  • AG MF UV is a multi-functional water purifier suitable for various kinds of work spaces. It assures you safe drinking water even when there is a power failure. Moreover, its bubbletop facility guarantees safe drinking water supply even when there is no running water.
  • 6 Stage Online Water Purification

    It can be directly connected to the tap allowing water to pass through a 6-stage purification process:
    1. Pre-Filter filters all the big sized sediments like dust, dirt, rust, etc.
    2. Sediment-Filter removes the fine sediments in the filter
    3. Bacteriostatic Pre-Carbon Filter retains the healthy natural salts and minerals present in the water but safely eliminates odour, organic impurities and chlorine along with its by-products preventing any kind of bacterial growth.
    4. UF Membrane Filter with a porosity of 0.01 micron removes residual impurities and disease-causing bacteria delivering safe &; crystal clear drinking water.
    5. Post Bacteriostatic carbon Filter polishes the water and improves the taste.
    6. Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology is internationally proven as a method of eliminating all water-borne disease causing bacteria and viruses.

  • Round-the-Clock Safe Drinking Water

    Its UF technology does not require electricity so you can be assured of safe drinking water even during power failure.

  • Bubble-Top Attachment Option In a situation

    when office water supply is stopped, you can just add the ISI certified bubbletop mineral water bottle for hot or cold, safe and purified drinking water.

  • Cold Water

    This feature provides you with a refreshing glass of chilled water.

  • Hot Water

    This feature provides you with hot water that is ideal for making a quick cup of tea, coffee or soup.

  • Normal Water

    When the hot water option is not in use, you can enjoy room temperature water.

  • Saves Money

    The maintenance free refrigeration system and low power consumption ensures that you save money on refrigeration system maintenance costs and power.

  • In-Built Storage Tank

    The 3-litre capacity stainless steel in-built storage tank ensures the availability of 3-litres of purified water.

  • Convenient Water Spillage Tray

    It collects the water spilled while dispensing and drains it out.

  • Efficient After-Sales Service at Your Doorstep

    Aquaguard provides prompt after sales service backed by an expert service team.