Keep Common Waterborne Diseases Out Of Your Home

Keep Common Waterborne Diseases Out Of Your Home

During monsoons, a simple glass of water can turn out to be more than just water. Waterborne diseases find their way into homes when drinking water doesn’t go through a rigorous purification process in order to kill all the bacteria and microbes contained within.

In India, there is increased flooding during the monsoon months, and due to overflowing of sewages, the purity of drinking water supplied to our homes comes into question. This leakage and overflow is enough to induce disease-causing bacteria into the drinking water supply.

The most common waterborne disease in India is diarrhoea. It is caused by bacteria, virus and parasites, and causes stomach pain, bloating, weight loss and a high level of physical discomfort. Other waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera and hepatitis are also caused when pathogenic microorganisms that originate when human and animal waste find their way into water supplies. Keeping waterborne diseases at bay is easy by using a water purifier for your home. Some water purifiers with technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO), UV, and UF, sense the water source, and purify water to an optimum level.

The process followed by these water purifiers ensures that disease-causing bacteria, as well as harmful salts and unnecessary heavy metals are kept out of the glass of water that you drink. Even hard water is rid of excess TDS (Total Dissolved Salts), and other physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants, thanks to the thorough purification processes of the RO water purifiers.

Using a combination of RO and UV technology that works across all water sources, Dr. Aquaguard water purifiers such as Geneus+ and Magna NXT HD RO+UV, by way of patented technologies, ensure optimum purification of drinking water for the entire family.

Using a water-purifier at home during the monsoons is important, if you want safe, clean and healthy drinking water for you and your family. Inadequately purified water can cause health concerns across all age groups. A purifier uses advanced technology to ensure that the water is clean and fresh, thus eliminating the need to use other inconvenient and outdated methods of purification. Dr. Aquaguard water purifiers, available in an extensive range to choose from, give you not just pure, but healthy water as well. The Dr. Aquaguard range comes with superior patented technologies and advanced functionalities. Keep illnesses at bay this rainy season. Bring home a Dr. Aquaguard Water Purifier this monsoon and treat yourself, and your whole family to clean, healthy drinking water.

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