Intelligent Living At Your Fingertips with Home Automation Systems

Intelligent Living At Your Fingertips with Home Automation Systems

Controlling your home appliances, making sure your power consumption is regulated and ensuring the safety of your loved ones at home, even when you aren’t present in person, can get quite challenging. With Eureka Forbes’ Home Automation Systems, it doesn’t have to be. Your home appliances and security could be controlled with a tap on your smartphone, tablet and more. With the ease of automated devices at your fingertips, you can control your blinds, entertainment devices, temperature at your fingertips!

Here are all the features and benefits of Home Automation Systems from Eureka Forbes:

1. Control Your Lighting
Home Automation Systems ensure you have complete control over the lighting in your home. From modifying the wattage to simply switching the lights on or off, you can control it all with just a tap even when you’re not home.

2. Temperature Control and Blinds
Control the air conditioning, curtains and blinds in your home from wherever you are. The Home Automation Solutions give you complete control over the temperature and blinds in your house.

3. Entertainment Control
Control all your entertainment devices with just a tap of your finger, whether you’re at work, are travelling or just visiting a nearby store. From your music to your television, it can all be controlled on your smartphone, remote control, etc.

4. Elder and Child Care
You can monitor your children and elderly at home, making sure they’re always safe and secure. A Panic Button enables them to raise an alarm should something go wrong, making sure you can provide timely help.

5. Energy Saving
You can keep a close watch on the energy consumption of your home no matter where you go. This way, you can ensure that you don’t waste any energy by monitoring your electrical appliances and their usage. Do your bit for the planet by judiciously controlling your power consumption.

6. Security
Motion sensors, magnetic door or window locks, CCTV cameras – monitor all this and more with Security Systems and Home Automation Solutions. In the case of a security breach the Intruder Alarm Systems alerts you making sure you can take action immediately.

Home Automation Solutions from Eureka Forbes can give you the freedom and convenience of all of this and more. Manage your home and its appliances, keep your loved ones safe – enjoy intelligent living at your fingertips.